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Have you listened to Episode 5 yet? Well, you should. Because see this?


You can win one of those. Just like the one in the picture. Only with writing all over it. Writing by Lukas Litzsinger. Obviously that affects the re-sale value, but on the other hand you’ll get Cataclysm for free. We are making that possible! And when we say “we”, we mean Lukas. And when we say “Lukas”, we mean FFG. And Lukas. But here is the place where you can win it, so really, we deserve almost all the credit.

So listen to the episode to find out what you got to do, and use the comment form for this post here, not the episode post, please.

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  1. WWaSP

    In the early days of Warhammer: Invasion, HappyDD, two others and I were the the only ones who showed up at the local game store to play Invasion, so we set out to organize a highly sophisticated weekly LCG league night… this basically just consisted of us saying “Let’s play everything Thursday” and me hanging a small flyer on the wall. All has been well and good except that, for a time, I fell into the dangerous habit of buying a box of bakery-fresh cookies for everyone who showed up. The purpose for this was two fold. First, it meant that I had something to eat while playing cards. Second, it would show current and potential players alike that playing cards with us is both rewarding and delicious! There was of course an ulterior motive in my hoping that my opponents would stuff themselves so full of cookies that they couldn’t think clearly, thus solidifying my victory. I noticed however, that whenever someone else brought food, they would bring only enough for themselves and take the majesty of the cookies for granted. Those damn bastards didn’t learn a thing from the generosity of my good will and worse still, their resistance to sugar is equal to my own so there was no in game advantage to be had! I wanted to stop but I couldn’t. I felt an obligation to maintain the glorious precedent I had set! Show up without cookies!? Unfathomable!
    Finally, after many a sugar-fueled rant about the financial burden of supplying weekly joy to a bunch of thankless friends/freeloaders, HappyDD released me from my curse and I now don’t bring cookies every week. Although, a box of cookies will occasionally make an appearance now so that I can lord my previous generosity over everyone (as is obligatory of all charitable donors).
    I think I may start bringing pizza every night. And the reason why I should be chosen to win a copy of Cataclysm is that if Lukas shows up to play LCGs with us on Thursday night I will buy him pizza… and cookies!!

  2. Ben E

    Sorry as I don’t have a pc I use my phone to post and I only just noticed thus post below the episode one. Sorry for posting my story on the episode but these phones make scrolling down to check do things a pain. Feel free to delete my earlier post on the episode as it is here again;

    New player here guys and I’m really enjoying your podcast. It’s really helping me think about what packs I want to buy with my hard earned money.

    Well in the last podcast you said you wanted invasion stories. I thought I’d add a little story of how I got into the game a little over two weeks ago…

    It was a cold Sunday morning in the heart of England. New to the area I’d yet to explore my nearest town properly so I set off on an adventure. The air was crisp and fresh as I wandered round the shops in the town centre. I needed a few odds and ends for my flat but nothing seemed to stand out to me so I finished up just before lunch and headed back towards my car. Walking back I passed a Games Workshop and had a quick look through the window, a wry smile crossed my lips as I saw the youngsters inside cheering in their latest triumph on the battlefield. My younger years had been spent in much the same way, gloating over my vanquished foes or writing new names in my book of grudges. Done reminiscing I carried on and less than a hundred metres down the road I spied a shop that called to me. Boardgames filled its windows and I ducked inside. Ever since I’d given up on the plastic crack that was the miniatures hobby I’d gotten into boardgames. A more manageable past time that didn’t suck money away quicker than a dyson in steroids.

    Inside the shop I was immediately greeted with a wall of boardgames ahead and I started to browse grateful that the boardgames were obscured from a table of several teenagers playing magic the gathering who were getting more and more excited over something. Just as I was about to leave the gruff grizzly looking shop owner shooed the teenagers upstairs to a gaming room as he wanted the tables free. Intrigued I watched as lay several stacks of cards on the table on top of colour cardboard boards with symbols on. Intrigued I wandered closer and recognised the symbols. They were the same symbols from my childhood, the warhammer imagery on the cards was beautiful. Intrigued I asked what this game was. “Warhammer Invasion” I was told by an man who had just walked through the door. He must have been in his early fifties at least. He introduced himself then gave a very brief description before handing me a deck “playing is better than me describing” he said a grin spreading across his face. Thumbing through the cards I admired the art work, the deck seemed to be made up of mainly goblins, a race I’d always enjoyed for the comical nature and the cards did not disappoint in their artwork.
    “Sure I’ve got an hour to spare maybe”
    I’d didn’t take an hour, I’d just about understood the rules when I was defeated. Though entertaining the goblins appeared to be hugely outgunned by their dwarf opponents.

    “Lets swap decks” the man said offering the dwarfs, I grinned and readily accepted. I would have him this time those puny goblins would be crushed under the armoured might of the dwarves…

    The game was even quicker this time. The goblins came out so quickly I had barely got going before I was overwhelmed. I stared in disbelief “there was me thinking the goblins were rubbish, guess its just me” I laughed. “Nah your just new so don’t see the strength of cards or the combinations of what works with what” a voice piped up just over my shoulder. I turned and saw a girl a year or two younger than me smiling at me a box filled with decks neatly separated out in her hands. She proceeded to show me several combinations I’d missed that could have helped me. I was hooked as I was shown how certain cards worked together and she explained how much fun it was to find the different synergies. We played a few games with me trying out different decks and I knew this was a game for me. I still hadn’t won but I was getting closer and closer as I spotted how different things worked together.

    Two hours flew by when we broke for some lunch. The shop owner running the demo day announce that there would be a few multiplayer games to end the day off. Knowing I had to have this game i immediately bought a core set, opening it I realises that I was missing two faction boards so had to get the expansion with them in. After all who wants an incomplete set? With the new purchases in my grasp I sat down to open them like a kid at Christmas. I hadn’t even seen a chaos deck yet so admired the various cards while I waited for the others. As people filtered back in clutching coffees and sandwiches I noticed for the first time how much older the people playing this game seemed to be compared to the teenagers that occasionally scampered upstairs to play other card games. I asked if I should quickly make a deck from what I’d just bought and the girl laughed and told me not to worry about it and that I could use her “development deck”. I graciously accepted it especially as I didn’t have a clue how to deckbuild and sat down with four others. I was informed that we’d be using simple house rules of attack left defend right. I sighed in relief knowing that I only had to worry about defending against the girl who had lent me a deck. A quick glance around the table showed I was going to be against a lizardmen deck to my left an high elves to my right. We had a dwarf deck too which I was informed was a test grudge deck, whatever that meant. The shop owner sat down to join in proclaiming he was going to use a chaos disease deck. I just nodded not knowing what they meant at all.

    The game got underway and I felt like I was making decent progress. I was taking an annoying amount of indirect damage from the elves but I was starting to pile on the developments into my kingdom from some gate card. I still wasn’t sure what the point of all these developments was but its was keeping me alive and a few of my units seemed to be stronger because of the developments. The lizard men to my left were getting chipped away by my few units and couldn’t seem to do much to defend. Then suddenly I was really struggling and it seemed like I was doomed, I knew I was maybe one turn from defeat and resigned to my fate. Then the girl played a card that would finish me for sure before declaring it on the lizard man player weakening him greatly I was confused, “why didn’t you finish me off” I asked. Apparently she didn’t do it for me she did it so her next opponent after me would be weaker. I nodded understanding her logic. It was my turn “so I’ve got 7 resources” I declared taking the tokens.
    “No” said the shop owner “you have 16″
    I looked at him confused before he pointed out the card is laid last turn. “Gain 1 hammer for every development in this zone” he said and my eyes widened. So that’s what they had meant by a development! I’d been looking for cards that said development on them. I’d completely missed that developing a zone by laying a card meant the cards were developments. I laughed and mocked myself for being an idiot. 16 resources was huge It allowed me to play all the units in my hand and have enough left over for the rune In my hand that stopped damage. I would live for another turn at least I thought before attacking. Adding up my damage I realised that if I could place some more developments into my battlefield the supports I was holding would be very good. The next few turns are a blur, the look of disbelief on the girls face as I stopped her dealing any damage before she was wiped out by the chaos player was brilliant. It appeared that I had finally got an economy going and the lizard man finally fell to my forces. I looked across the table, a look of concern has crossed the shop keepers face as he looked at his hand. We both had large numbers of units out. His bloodletters now as dangerous to him as they were to me. It was my go I played more units into my battlefield, it was now or never, death or glory. We both had one zone left. I had him I knew it, I played some tactics to make sure and I attacked believing I had won. I looked up expecting to see him accept defeat but he just pointed to his right. If forgotten the other dwarf player. For so long had he been restricted to drawing a single card and three resources I’d forgotten that he was taking a turn while I was thinking about what I was going to do. My attack smashed into the third player crushing him easily as I cursed my foolishness. Then chaos attacked with the bloodletters my units were slaughtered and we began to count up the remaining damage to be assigned to the zone. The developments were soaking up the extra hits, I was going to survive then with neither of us having any units surely I’d just play one attack and win?!? But no the last damage ticked over, My capital was burning I had lost by one. Laughing I shook hands at a game well played, i had a great time and I knew I was now hooked.
    Leaving the shop with my purchases bagged up I agreed that I’d be back for certain and next time I’d win or sure…

      1. Ben E

        Got carried away… Oops! it doesn’t flow as well as I had hoped but its too hard to edit with out messing up everything. 🙁

  3. Davuid E

    My story is about how I ended up spending a bunch of money on Warhammer instead of Call of Ctuhulu or Game of Thrones.

    A missionary buddy of mine was back from his work in Indonesia and stopped by for some wargaming. I was not a fan of War-hammer 40,000, movies books or fantasy. However, he claimed I would enjoy the card game. I did enjoy it, winning one and losing one. He was headed back to his work overseas and wanted to trade for some Civil War games. He had used some of my Dixie Cards and traded them to get a game he wanted! Man of the Cloth or not, I was not amused. However, he said he would offer WHI and the expansion Assault on U if I would make the trade. I held out for a little better deal, and I did get 3 battles of Mananas as well. I since then have picked up the first 6 packs of the initial expansion. It looks like it could be a life long effort

    1. Magehammer

      I entered the Borders book store on a dreary January morning, Christmas gift cards burning a hole in my ratty old wallet. For the past several weeks, I had been eyeing a curious box that had been shelved next to my beloved role-playing games. It was big and wasn’t a role-playing game. It was Warhammer Invasion. Being an avid role-player, being a Magic the Gathering player, and having purchased a bunch of War Cry cards on eBay (note: I never played with those cards, though I did play War Cry on my PSP), I was curious. Those gift cards were destined to buy that fat, magical-looking box.

      I went home with it, opened it, thumbed through the cards. I was intrigued but my Magic group would have nothing to do with it. It remained whispering to me on my gaming shelf…

      Enter another buddy of mine. We had recently decided to get together and play games that our respective gaming groups were not willing to try.

      I pulled Warhammer Invasion off the shelf, and we played. It was fun! However, there were so many games we wanted to try, we didn’t play it consistently and it went back to whispering on my shelf.

      Fast forward a couple of years, I am a high school teacher and had recently started a hobby gaming club at school. When I pulled Warhammer Invasion off the shelf to refresh my rules knowledge before taking it to club, a switch went on in my mind. This game was amazing! I played a few games with my eight year old. He enjoyed it as well. I immediately ordered some Corruption Cycle and the Legends expansion.

      I took it to game club and the couple of students who played it loved it. In our past two game nights, my gaming buddy and I have played several games.

      I bought several Warhammer novels to steep myself in the world. Many months have passed and still this amazing game is still burning bright in my heart. More Battle Packs and all of the expansions have been bought.

      Cataclysm on the horizon means I can introduce it to my other gaming group who has six members. And can include more students in a game at my Red Dragon Gaming Society.

      The more copies of Cataclysm I can obtain for the club the better. I am the main supplier of games for the Society. I will obviously be buying a copy of Cataclysm for myself. The more copies I can bring, though, the more students who will be able to partake in the awesomeness that is the best LCG out there, the game we all love: Warhammer Invasion!

      P.S. Lukas: if you had spent that much time on MY couch, I would have gotten you pizza the first day! Just sayin’.

  4. Dalius

    Living in a country that is completely out of sync with board games, means I am more of like warrior spanning from the North, while the prosperous kingdom (USA) lies down beneath in the far south. When I purchased Invasion , I pretty much had some knowledge of the universe, as I’ve played the online version of it (Age of Reckoning, and boy what reckoning it has received – it’s a dead game), read few books set in 40k universe and spent playing hours Blood Bowl PC version. But my true passion and hobby lies in board gaming and this is where I enjoy playing Invasion. What’s funny, however, are the shop assistant’s trying to tell you what this game is about, which they utterly failed to do… My bitterness comes from the fact that I am living in a country where speaking English is considered witchcraft and people just poke fingers with torches in theyre hands at those who use this wonderful language. Why do you even bother to put these people in working position, where its crucial to know about board games, in order to sell them. They don’t, as I come there once a few weeks and they still babble and point out stagnant blurs such as “it’s a strategy game”. I can fucking see that it’s a strategy game you moron – it’s written on the box… Ahem*, so I buy myself the game and pray to Nurgle to gift me with the smelliest fart I can leave by as I leave the store. Yes, I am an evil person – that’s why I play Chaos.

    I get back home and tear the shrinkwrap away, pull out the cards and quickly start summarizing myself with the rules. One thing I was afraid, was that this game could have proved too difficult for my dear beloved girlfriend( I have no idea, why she sticks around with me and ACTUALLY LIKES ME). Back then, I was starting out in the board gaming hobby and so my girl was just warming up to the different stuff I would bring back from the cold and harsh streets.However – she is crazy about dwarves. She goes to bed with Gimli’s t-shirt and always, ALWAYS picks a faction that is run by dwarves. So besides the obvious, the more obvious is me picking out the Chaos.

    After picking out factions to represent us, I start explaining her the rules. To my own disbelief and I shit you not – she picks on them faster than Hasselhoff picks up a new round of vodka. I was so overcome by joy that I let her win the first time, just to spark that interest in her.

    Naturally, like every other self respectful hobbyist would do, I bought a whole bunch of packs and deluxe editions for the game. Here we are now, standing on the top of the mountain, calm as a shaolin – we have been training a lot and we’ve acquired the whole new set of abilities. We know how stuff works and we’re here to duke out like in one of those World Championships in the far south. The table is readied, the decks and tokens are set on it and besides fat bearded dudes sitting on different sides, there are two mighty warriors – the nihilistic and satyrical Chaos worshiper and battle hardened, sweater wearing girl of the Dwarvish ancestors. We pull out our first hands and take quick glances through the drawn goods, then exchange nasty grins at each other, taunting each other to see who will first fall in the brim of the battle. Lightning outside strikes the tree as the Dwarve-Girl sets down her first development and an all powerful rune of god-damn-increase-of-all-my-played-creatures-by-1. FUCK! I scream in my mind. Uncalled and bleeding from the start, I pull out a Legend. Praise to you Talon…

    To foretell the whole battle would be an insult to the gods I promised, that only an outcome of it would be spread across all lands. Long story short – I’ve lost. She endured most of my plague and bounced off my tactical cards. However, the fight was indeed mighty, when I summoned the Legend that makes developments into warriors 2/2. She had King Kazador leading berserkers,runesmiths,grudge bearers and all other foolish bearded midgets. The final outcome happened, when all of my capitol was strip naked – no supports,units or developments. She landed the final crushing blow by commanding only Kazador – a mockery and an epic tale to be told for the later generations.

    All in all, pretty much the game sucked, when played with Core Set, but gets insanely good with a lot of expansions and most of our fights end up in epic commenting from myself, as I like to point out things in my chaotic voice… Good times.

    1. Daniel

      This is truly an epic tale of battle and abusing store employees. Whenever someone says “So, it’s a strategy game” I don’t know what to say. That is the broadest descriptor possible. We could also say “It’s a card game” or “It’s a game with fantasy creatures in it.” You scored many comedy points.

  5. Jerry

    I am a social worker that works at a residential facility for young teenage boys. About half of the kids I work with were severely abused typically by one of their own family members.

    I was assigned a particular boy to work with. This boy was about 13 years old and had been abused sexually, physically, and emotionally by his biological father for about 9 years. Needless to say this boy had a whole host of issues. He had anger problems, learning problems, he lacked social skills, and the list goes on and on. He did not trust me, and was too ashamed to try and work on any of the issues he had.

    He would come into my office and was very withdrawn. I spent weeks trying to have a breakthrough with him. I couldn’t get him to talk with me, and we made absolutely no progress in dealing with his current struggles.

    After weeks of going nowhere and after exhausting all of the interview and counseling techniques I knew, I decided I would try something different. I was given a copy of Warhammer Invasion as a Christmas gift. I enjoyed the game a lot and thought that maybe I could teach it to this young man. I had tried to play UNO with him before but he was bored by the simplicity of it, and he refused to play.

    The next time we sat down to talk I pulled out Warhammer Invasion and his eyes lit up. He was immediately interested in trying it out. It was simply enough that he understood it quickly, but complex enough to hold his interest.

    We played game after game after game. I bought some expansions so we could change up the experience each time. As we continued to play he slowly started to open up. The game provided a relaxed and fun setting in which he could open up. It took away the awkwardness of the counseling session.
    We now were able to work on his issues and talk about the difficulties he is facing. We are able to make progress all because of a card game. We are taking on some serious issues in a fun and relaxed manner.

    To many people Warhammer Invasion is nothing more than a game they can play to have a good time. To me Warhammer Invasion has become a tool that I could use to help a struggling child. To that child Warhammer Invasion is actually helping him to overcome the challenges and abuse he has faced and it is helping him to become a stronger person.

    I know this may sound somewhat cheesy, but this is a true story. Warhammer Invasion has helped me help others. It has turned a rough and awkward counseling session into a productive and fun time in which I and this young boy can work on many issues he is dealing with.

  6. Gnomeschool

    Maybe I would have more chances with telling the exciting story of spending a day in Würzburg, where I met some awesome people. 😀
    But I think I can’t outdo these stories here anyway. So, here is my story.
    Maybe I can put some sweet-talk in this one too.

    It was in summer 2012, when Kurt Helborg was leading an deadly army of pigeons to the battlefields. When Werner Ludenhof was jumping around in endless loops as hidden opperative. When I played my very first tournament.

    So guess, who brought these clowns to his local tournament? Yes, that was me.
    I was a little bit proud of noticing the Werner-combo without reading it in forums or so and wanted to try it. Unfortunately, I had no time to do so before the tournament.
    So all I did for preparing was sending a message to an awesome, nice guy, whom I knew to be very advanced in rule questions. He assured me of this combo was working and mentioned the Helborg combo in addition.
    He gave me some other „advice“ too, about which I didn’t care. I checked out the Helborg combo, and added it to the Werner deck I created for the tournament, without testing its strenght.

    Well, first game of my first tournament. I was playing against Olliver aka „Gardine“.
    I of course knew him from the forums as a very experienced player (while I was only playing for some months).
    So, maybe it happened because I was a little bit excited. Or maybe I’m just dumb.

    His very fast orc deck finished me before I had seen even one card of my combos during first game.
    So I put nearly everything in my quest zone in our second game. After several turns of massive card draw on my side, the Empire was out of cards.
    But wait, why is there still no Helborg in my hand? Very confused, I had a look at my bag, while Olliver was counting my cards: 35.
    And guess what remained in my deck box? Yes, Helborg – having a party in there with some of the other combo cards.

  7. Wilk

    So this one is called “The Nuke Loop”. I hope you’ll enjoy it!

    Here we all were, at the heart of the Warsaw Warhammer Invasion scene – Rivendell. It is a small but cosy shop devoted mostly to Warhammer – Fantasy Battle, 40k and Invasion, of course. It’s situated on the -1 floor of the shopping passage, so one might say that this is our underground hideout.

    We were playing local tournament and after some epic games I was in TOP 2 against the best player in the city. I was tired after hard day at work but I managed to play my game and win every match. Getting back to the story, I won the dice in the final (rolled 18 baby!) so I took 7 cards from the deck. 3 warpstones, warhound, raiding camps, seduced by darkness and pink horror. That’s a nice start, I thought! And then we all heard sound of the explosion. It was very far away but still, it was pretty loud. The ground shook and we all panicked a little bit. Some of us, including me, ran out from the store towards stairs leading to the outside. As I was climbing my way up I saw a man at the top of the stairs. “Don’t go up, we’ve been nuked!”. “For the love of Sigmar, what’s happening?”, I thought to myself. I was in shock so I didn’t realize fully what the man was saying and I continued running towards exit leading to the street. When I’ve reached it I saw huge mushroom cloud on the horizon and pandemonium all around me as if the Chaos Warriors themselves came to wipe Empire from the face of the Earth.

    “What’s going on there?”, guys from downstairs screamed but there was no time to answer as there was to much noise on the street. Suddenly, from the corner of the building military Hummer emerged. Soldier in full armor was giving orders to the civilians through speaking trumpet – “Get underground! Metro stations, basements, church cellars! I repeat, get underground!”. Then, incredible noise above our heads made us cover our ears – an airplane flew rather low, some package fell from the bomb-boy and parachute immediately opened. As I saw army Hummer quickly rushing away from it I knew I don’t have any chance, neither do soldiers for that matter. I jumped on the stairs and run to the store. If I die in nuclear blast, I’ll die where I belong – on the Warhammer Invasion battleground. I stormed into the shop, grabbed my deck and closed my eyes. I heard huge explosion next to me and…

    “Hey! Hey! Wake up!”, said the best Invasion player in town. “You won the dice, are we playing?”. “Sorry, I must have dozed off, I’m very tired”, I replied but my heart was still pounding from the vision of nuclear destruction. “It was all a dream”, I calmed myself and drew seven cards with still shaky hand. When I saw them my heart stopped for a second. 3 warpstones, warhound, raiding camps, seduced by darkness and pink horror. And then we all heard far away explosion. “God damn it!”, I screamed in my head. “I thought FAQ 2.0 finished infinite loops for good!!!”.

  8. Hotbutton

    My invasion story is about one of the most epic battles I have ever experienced with this game so far, which took place last weekend during one of our local monthly tournaments in Wuerzburg/Germany.
    I will make this quite short, because it was the start and the finish of the game, which made it that memorable.

    I was fielding the mighty High Elves, lead by Eltharion the Grim (, trying to do loads of indirect damage to my enemies with the help of Lilea (, Lothern Sea Master ( and the like. As I was expecting a lot of Dwarves, my White Tower Aspirants ( came in quite handy, as well. If you want to see my complete deck, have a look here:

    In our first match, my opponent, who was fielding the dwarves lead by King Kazador (, my opponent had an incredible starting hand, resulting in 1 additional power in his kingdom and 5 additional power in his quest zone. A Karak Hirn Mine ( in his quest zone, together with an Ancestral Tomb ( in his kingdom, netted him one symbol each and two developments in his kingdom. Add the “standard” development per turn, Innovation (, a Tunnel Fighter ( for free, a Runesmith ( and a Mountain Legion ( and do the maths. Or just look at this picture: (sorry for the bad quality, I was only able to take a small and bad camera to the tournament)

    Horrified by the fact that I only got one additional symbol in the quest and kingdom zone (although that is still a very decent start), I knew this would be a hard battle. We fought each other mercilessly over more than 30 minutes, with Lilea and Eltharion leading the High Elf forces and King Kazador adding a lot of willpower ( to the dwarves until it came down to the last two turns. The High Elves had managed to burn the quest zone of the dwarves earlier and now shot even more arrows at their troops and capital, killing all dwarven units but King Kazador (who was severely wounded and nearly dead) and dealing the seventh damage to the battlefield and the 18th damage to the dwarven kingdom. As there were 11 (!) developments in there, that still wasn’t enough to burn it down. But the High Elves were still confident to win this battle, as they had their defences up, only King Kazador was left and the quest zone of the dwarven player (who had no cards left in his hand) was totally crippled, leaving him to one last card draw. There was only one card left in his deck which would enable King Kazador to deal enough damage to the High Elf capital to break through their defences and win the game by one damage point: The last remaining copy of willpower. Look at the following picture to see what my opponent drew, and also note all the damage on his capital board and the huge pile of cards on the right (which compiles all his developments in his kingdom).

    An epic game ended in an epic way. One of the most tense games ever, which was so much fun, even if I lost it due to that one damage my opponent was able to deal me more.
    Maybe the fact that I won the next two games against the same opponent, which netted me a 2:1 win, helped a bit to cheer me up again, too. 😉

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