3 thoughts on “Warhammer art sleeves announced

  1. Gnomeschool

    I like the third one.
    The first is okay too, but the second one is a little bit overloaded with details, I think. Don’t like that on card sleeves.

  2. Ellyrik

    I’d like to see other factions represented too. Until then i won’t buy them. Moreover i already get sleeves for my decks.
    I don’t understand why they make sleeves right now : do they want to promote the game again? If so it’s a good news

  3. Hotbutton

    I love the fact that they are finally making art sleeves for Invasion. I’m not overwhelmed by any of the artworks offered, though. I don’t like the second artwork at all, but I might try one of the others (probably the third one, which I like best) some day.


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