5 thoughts on “The dragon has landed

  1. bitva

    Loving it! Really like how some cards sort of answer existing cards for other races, such as Marius vs. Fungus Brew Goblin, for the race that’s good at moving units around, and Tower of Blessed Dread vs. Elven Warship, for the race that good at unit removal in ways other than damage. Also liking how the new cards continue the trend of making less-used keywords and abilities more viable and useful, like Feared, Ambush, and experience.

    Also particularly enjoy the Shrine of Isha, as the most recent deck I made was “Heal ‘n’ Deal”, which utilizes High Elf healing abilities and Lizardmen Savage abilities for direct damage, and that card would be right at home in the deck. Finally, the heroes are cool and generally address the “Heroes aren’t as useful as their name suggests they should be” spoken about in the latest episode and addressed in earlier episodes.

    I think it’ll be some time before I can answer the poll about favorite card from Dragon Flight due to all the cool ideas presented. And I like most of the art on these cards better than the more “plastic/modern” looking art FFG used for man of the “official cards”.

  2. Hugo

    I think Heroes shouln’t just be stronger than regular units, but offer more unique and niche abilities than regular units, something you can build a deck around.

  3. bitva

    I agree; as it stands, the Hero trait is an extra restriction (on top of being unique) that is not made up for by their abilities or costs.


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