Polls 34-38: The Winvasion Academy Awards

In the episode we said we’d do a giant poll, but we’ve decided to break it down into smaller ones after all, each of which will only be available for a short time, so cast your vote, and cast it soon! Only one nominee in each category can win the coveted Winvasion Academy Award, also known as WAAgh, also known as Golden Grimgor.


Snotling Invasion has taken home the Golden Grimgor for Best Documentary!

Stand Your Ground has won Best Special Effect!

Best Director went to Kairos Fateweaver!

With a considerable lead, Judgement of Loec wins Best Supporting Role!

And finally, showing that you shouldn’t mess with a dragon, Descendant of Indraugnir takes the award for Best Lead Role!

One thought on “Polls 34-38: The Winvasion Academy Awards

  1. Gnomeschool

    My picks for Special effects would have been:

    Forced March (that illustration!)
    Slayer Oath
    Valour of Ages (Once played it together with Bladesinger – was fun)
    Unleashing the Spell (considered Boon of Tzeentch)
    Da Brainbursta! (unprepossessed it maybe would have been Smash go boom!)
    Difficult here. I think DE don’t have so many interesting tactics. So I’ll pick one of these rather “boring but nice to have” cards: Dark Visions. Like the art too.


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