Poll 6: What is your favorite card from Glory of Days Past?

The results are in, and as it turns out, everyone plays Invasion. Everyone in the world. At least everyone that matters, which is to say: everyone among our audience.

43% only play Invasion.

30% play one other LCG in addition to Invasion, and the most popular choice for this second game was The Lord of the Rings, which gained as many votes as all other games combined in this section.

13% play two other LCGs in addition to Invasion. Here, all but one of the voters picked Netrunner as one of their games.

11% play a total of four LCGs, and here Star Wars and again Netrunner were the most popular picks.

And while no one plays five LCGs, 4% play all six of them. We envy you, tiny minority. Maybe you are truly blessed. Maybe you work for FFG. Maybe that’s the same thing. Who knows, but yeah, we envy you. And we totally expect you to show up at our LCG crossover tournament.

(Yeah, that all adds up to 101%. Rounding can be a bitch.)

On to the next poll! Whenever we discuss a battle pack, we pick our best, worst, and favorite cards. This time, we also want to know what your favorite card is from the latest pack. Well, we always want to know that, but this time we’re actually doing a poll. Naturally, it’s entirely up to you what you base your decision on. Maybe you like the most powerful card best. Maybe the one you think will be the most fun to play with, regardless of power. Maybe you prefer the one with the best art. It’s all up to you, but please vote, and let us know in the comments why you chose the card you did.

One thought on “Poll 6: What is your favorite card from Glory of Days Past?

  1. Junglecat

    Gotta love Borgut Facebeater! Great name, good artwork, fantastic stats/abilities. Can’t wait to beat someone’s face…


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