5 thoughts on “Poll 43: What is your favorite card from Dragonflight?

  1. Junglecat

    That was a tough choice. Lots of really cool cards here. Had to go with Glean Magic over Dragonflight. It’s just so much fun to make my friends’ plans blow up in their faces….I’m not a good person.

  2. Gianmarco

    I really like all the cards to the dwarves and the chaos. Thank you for having implemented the mechanics for empire and the dark elves, very cool.

  3. Hugo

    Gitilla seems really strong, even when you face an opponent without Ambush.

    I think Gleam Magic is the strongest card in the pack, it protects your own cards and can harm an opponents card. Redirecting Warpstone Experiments for instance from a disposable unit in the Battlefield to a unit in the Kingdom or Quest Zone seems almost broken. Not only does the opponent miss out on the damage, he also loses another unit at the end of the turn.

    My favourite card is Dragonflight though, not because it’s the strongest, but because I like the idea of a dragon deck but was never able to make a good one. Well, there was a good deck with Star Dragon and a lot of spells and Gathering the Winds, but I wouldn’t call that a dragon deck.

  4. Diana Craciun

    are you serious about making more female cards ? 🙂
    I can never tell if u guys r seriours or just joking around 🙁

    Can u pls consider making some female cards for the factions ?

    Or can you consider making some cards for neutral factions but with loyalty
    symbols ? Pls ?

    there r many girls playing WI.

    Yours Truly !


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