4 thoughts on “Poll 40: What is your favorite card from Death Night?

  1. GianMarco

    The card more useful is WALL OF CLOUDS, because it allows you to take time to stop and stronger tactics. Even FURYSTOKER is interesting especially if you play in multiplayer. Congratulations for your work and commitment. I look forward to the next expansion.

  2. Junglecat

    Lots of great cards makes it hard to choose just 1. I went with seal of negation. I could see it causing many fits of cursing among my friend when i drop it on their favorite support cards. Or failing that, being able to drop it on my temple of vaul.

  3. ArgusDeadeye

    I second Junglecat. Unfortunately my sore, weary eyes betrayed me and I voted for infused rune instead of seal of negation.

    1. Torsten Post author

      Fixed that for you. Now excuse me, I also got to reassign some votes in other elections …


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