Poll 39: The big 40K LCG first thoughts poll

FFG has announced Conquest, a Living Card Game set in the Warhammer 40,000 universe. Some people are very excited about this, some not so much, some care a very great deal about the Space Bretonnians not being in the core set. We will devote some time to this topic in the next episode, and you can help us by letting us know what your thoughts are so far. Are you happy, are you for some reason upset? How interested are you in this game? Please select all answers that apply for you.

2 thoughts on “Poll 39: The big 40K LCG first thoughts poll

  1. gertat

    I’m so overly upset about the cancellation of Warhammer Invasion. More sad. I will keep on playing and enjoying this fantastic game.
    But because the many different LCG the board and cardgame community where I live is to small to support a large group of Warhammer Invasion players. Even though I have tried to create one.
    The few players there is want to play the new LCG or the are hooked on Magic the gathering.
    I do not think that 40 k LCG will change that. Some might try it but it is a few and Magic will keep on going.
    I think that FFG is doing a great job and my conclusion from your podcast and interviews with Lukas and so on show that they dont have the man power to support to many LCG:s.
    That with the fact that they have to make money I think it was an fairly easy choise for the big bosses.

    Keep up the great work with being THE VOICE OF THE GAME

  2. sammann11

    I do not hate this game right off the bat because “it was the one that killed off Invasion”. I think that may have been the gut reaction of some Invasion players, though.

    In general I feel like 40K is more popular than Fantasy. Just look at the video games – there are about 5 to 10 times more 40K themed ones vs Fantasy. I know with some of the gaming groups around here 40 K is more popular. I have a friend who I tried to get into WH:I and he liked it just fine but he could’ve taken it or left it. But now that it’s 40K- oh baby! He actually emailed me the link the day they announced it and said he will for sure be getting it. Hopefully if I play with him then I can convince him to play some WH:I with me! That’s what I’m hoping to get out of this deal!

    I will try it but I won’t invest in it. Just not enough time for more games at this point.


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