Poll 25: The most important poll ever: Who should be a full-fledged faction in Invasion?

We’re sorta, kinda, back from vacation – people are still getting married around us though – and it’s high time for a new poll. We’re very brave, so let’s settle it once and for all. Just how important is it to you that those damn Bretonnians become a real faction in Invasion? What about the Ogre Kingdoms? And those other vitally-challenged folks from the desert, do we need them? (The Undead army in Warhammer got split into Tomb Kings and Vampire Counts some time ago, and the Undead in Invasion seem to be based on the latter.) Are you tired of waiting for Mad Miners? Or are you tired of people lamenting the absence of the Bretonnians and all those other folks? Let us know!

6 thoughts on “Poll 25: The most important poll ever: Who should be a full-fledged faction in Invasion?

  1. sammann11

    Da-mon stone! Da-mon stone! First card of the Damon Stone factions: 2 cost support card, “I’m Awesome. You’re not” Action: at the begining of your turn burn target opponent’s zone”

    1. Gnomeschool

      I think, it should be rather a 3 cost support card without power or effects. Because Damon Stone doesn’t need such things wo win a game.

  2. Valjean

    There are all the factions we need. But deep in me there’s the voice of a fanboy (I have to emphasize that he’s not me but a completely different person living in my subconsciousness) nagging at me: We need Bretonnia. They have knights! And peasants! And knights! And we need those cool undead egyptians, too!

  3. Equlan

    My rational side tells me there are enough factions, but Bretonnia was my first Warhammer love, so they totally need to become a real faction in Invasion.


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