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Since the magic (some call it technology) involved is beyond mortal ken, or at the very least beyond our ken, we can’t put flash players here. Instead, we have the download links as well as links to the original episode posts, which you can follow if you want to read the announcements, stream the episodes, or comment on them.

Episode 38: All Zones BurningDownload
Warhammer Tabletop End Times, Final Episode

Episode 37: Enter the DragonDownload
Forever War Pack 2: Dragonflight

Episode 36: The Snowflake Festival EpisodeDownload
Invasion 2.0, Forever War, Signs in the Stars

Episode 35: The Ultra Rare Limited Foil Collector’s Edition Episode (no batteries included)Download
Asmodee acquiring FFG, LCG Rotation, Invasion 2.0, the current state of Invasion, alternative formats, Warhammer Tabletop End Times

Episode 34: … Dary!Download
Warhammer Tabletop End Times, Rules Lawyer: Lizardmen capital, Legends Part 2

Episode 33: Legen — wait for it …Download
Invasion 2.0, Legends Part 1

Episode 32: Oh, behave!Download
Reasons for Invasion’s cancellation, tournament rules & behavior

Episode 31: Negative Listening ExperienceDownload
Negative Play Experience, Rules Lawyer: Lothern Repeater Crew, The Twin Tailed Comet

Episode 30: The one with all the buggeryDownload
Limited card pool deck lists on BGG, Chaos Moon

Episode 29: Foreva Waaagh!Download
Forever War fan expansion

Episode 28: 40,000 what now?Download
Warhammer 40,000: Conquest, Winvasion Academy Awards

Episode 27: And the Golden Grimgor nominees are …Download
Nominations for the Winvasion Academy Awards

Episode 26: Woody RiotDownload
Warhammer: Diskwars, Invasion intro decks, Omens of Ruin

Episode 25: Year of the Zombie RatDownload
Hidden Kingdoms Skaven, Undead, and Destruction core factions card by card, Winvasion’s first anniversary

Episode 24: Slann DunkDownload
Hidden Kingdoms Lizardmen, Wood Elves, and Order core factions card by card, multiplayer metagaming

Episode 23: Meeting the MakerDownload
Guest: Warhammer: Invasion (and just about any other LCG) designer Eric M. Lang

Episode 22: It ain’t over until the fat Orc singsDownload
FFG ending development of new content for Invasion

Episode 21: There and Back AgainDownload
World Championship Weekend report, Store Championships, Drafting coming to LCGs, Rules Lawyer: Valley of Many Eyes and Toxic Hydra

Episode 20: Brave New WorldsDownload
Hidden Kingdoms’ Corb Polybog, meeting Eric Lang at the Essen Spiel fair, looking ahead to the World Championship Weekend, FFG’s categorization of players

Episode 19: The Big Ban TheoryDownload
FAQ 2.2 and multiplayer tournament rules, general LCG ramblings

Episode 18: The Imperial MarchDownload
Undead in Hidden Kingdoms, core set card distribution, all about the Empire, win a copy of Hidden Kingdoms take 2

Episode 17: Got Wood?Download
Wood Elves in Hidden Kingdoms, LCGs going digital, alternative play and tournament formats, Bleeding Sun

Episode 16: Occupy fulcrumDownload
Multiplayer Invasion, The Fourth Waystone

Episode 15: Something, something, cardsDownload
Guest: Warhammer: Invasion and Call of Cthulhu lead developer Brad Andres, exclusive Hidden Kingdoms spoiler: Ariel, Queen in the Woods, win a copy of Hidden Kingdoms

Episode 14: Frequently Unasked QuestionsDownload
FAQ 2.1 and the updated tournament rules, Worlds schedule, Redemption of a Mage

Episode 13: Time to make more than one friendDownload
Cataclysm card by card, Entropy, Rules Lawyer: Spoils of War

Episode 12: Neutralize this!Download
Cataclysm and Hidden Kingdoms, Rules Lawyer: Tunnel Fighter, March of the Damned

Episode 11: The fine arts of warDownload
Exclusive Cataclysm spoiler: Arcane Instinct, Hidden Kingdoms, The Silent Forge

Episode 10: Your resources or your life!Download
Jumping jack decks, Rules Lawyer: Gathering the Winds and unique cards rules, Invasion pet peeves, Cataclysm, The Fall of Karak Grimaz

Episode 9: Arrested DevelopmentDownload
State of the game after the Corruption Cycle, netdecking, preparing for small tournaments, developments, Orcs, Arcane Fire, The Burning of Derricksburg

Episode 8: Time to pack it inDownload
Faith and Steel card by card, the Orcs and the Empire, luck, Arcane Fire

Episode 7: It was the best of times, it was the End TimesDownload
Community building, Orc Warning Post and End Times, multiplayer turn structure, Assault on Ulthuan

Episode 6: For the Horde!Download
The Ruinous Hordes card by card, Warpstone Chronicles, LCG rumors

Episode 5: Game changerDownload
Guest: Warhammer: Invasion and Android: Netrunner lead developer Lukas Litzsinger, FAQ 2.0, game design, FFG, multiplayer rules, win a copy of Cataclysm, The Deathmaster’s Dance

Episode 4: A rush of fists to the faceDownload
Glory of Days Past card by card, Tooth and Claw

Episode 3: Two chumps and a champDownload
Guest: Warhammer: Invasion and Android: Netrunner 2012 world champion Jeremy Zwirn, the world championship, Cataclysm, the new distribution model, Path of the Zealot

Episode 2: We don’t need another heroDownload
DIY capital boards, combo decks, the strength of Chaos, Multiplayer house rules, The Skavenblight Threat

Episode 1: Let’s ambush those raidersDownload
Battle for the Old World card by card, Eternal War in general

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