Don’t trust any podcast over 30

Hi folks, just a little public service announcement:

1) We’re not dead.

(Pretty good so far, right?)

2) We’re sorry you have to wait for the next episode. Making schedules match when you’re in different time zones never has been super easy, and right now we’re both very busy with non-podcasty things that we unfortunately have to deal with. Stuff keeps happening. Good stuff, bad stuff, mostly just a lot of stuff. Stuff that messes up our schedules and has now repeatedly forced us to call off a recording. Sucks, but that’s what you get when you’re not in your twenties anymore and life gets all serious.

3) Episode 31 will come as soon as we can manage. Which might not be very soon, but we’ll try our best.

Episode 30: The one with all the buggery

We’re back! And we’re 30 now. We’re old. But we make the best of it and hit you young folks with some serious life advice. We also point you to Maik’s review and deck lists, say what little we can about Assault on Wroclaw 2014, complain about the Canadian Star Wars nationals for some reason, talk about the definitely upcoming or not at all happening cancellation of Call of Cthulhu for some reason, and look back at Chaos Moon.



Episode 29: Foreva Waaagh!

Good news everyone! While The Voice of the Game might sound differently this time, and he (she? it? Daniel? The Voice of the Game!) has to host most of the episode by himself (it’s like Home Alone, only the bad guys win), a special guest shows up to discuss the Forever War fan expansion, the only Invasion expansion seriously trying to increase the number of pinnipeds in the game. That’s a funny word. Pinniped. Pin-ni-ped. Piiiiiii-nnnnnnni-peeeeee-ddddd. There’s also mention of an interview with Christian Petersen, complaints about the completely unexpected lack of organized play support for Invasion, and some serious sexy talk, depending on your personal choice of fetishes. You know, your typical Easter episode contents.



Episode 28: 40,000 what now?

We’re back! In an episode that is guaranteed to be completely free of April Fools’ jokes, we present the Golden Grimgors, continue to explore the pronunciation and etymology of WAAAGH!, discuss Malus Darkblade – who is definitely not Lokhir Fellheart and even more definitelier not a pirate – and tell you about the exciting new Banhammer game that will take the world by storm. But because we don’t only care about mass-market smash hits like Banhammer, we also discuss the upcoming release of something for a niche audience, Warhammer 40,000. Which sounds like an unreasonable amount of warhammers. Seriously, how many do you need? Was there a discount? Are we sure this isn’t about someone overcompensating for something? Anyway, it’s Warhammer. In space. Presumably a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. Where no man has gone before. Sounds silly, but we talk about it anyway, and Daniel lets his inner fanboy out to play and rant and tell you why ultramarine is the bestest color. Also, in a stunningly original move, we complain about people complaining on the internet.



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