Polls 34-38: The Winvasion Academy Awards

In the episode we said we’d do a giant poll, but we’ve decided to break it down into smaller ones after all, each of which will only be available for a short time, so cast your vote, and cast it soon! Only one nominee in each category can win the coveted Winvasion Academy Award, also known as WAAgh, also known as Golden Grimgor.


Snotling Invasion has taken home the Golden Grimgor for Best Documentary!

Stand Your Ground has won Best Special Effect!

Best Director went to Kairos Fateweaver!

With a considerable lead, Judgement of Loec wins Best Supporting Role!

And finally, showing that you shouldn’t mess with a dragon, Descendant of Indraugnir takes the award for Best Lead Role!

Episode 26: Woody Riot

We’re back! It’s quite the surprise we found time for this episode, because we’re very busy not watching the Olympics. Making the most of our newly realized status as Voice of the Game™, we point you to tournament reports, talk about Diskwars, intro decks, and look back at Omens of Ruin, which back in the day brought us the first glance of the Wood Elves, as well as possibly the most evil card in the game. So, yeah, the Voice of the Game™ looks back, because this voice has eyes. It’s complicated.



Episode 25: Year of the Zombie Rat

Good news, everyone! We’ve made it. One year of Winvasion. In your face, people who said we would quit halfway through the first episode! Episode 25 comes to you live from our anniversary party, which might explain the excessive amount of unrelated chatter. After consuming several illegal and quite possibly alien substances we’re rather intoxicated, which shows in Torsten’s enthusiasm for a German Queek Headtaker and Daniel being unable to overcome the challenge presented by the Clanrat Clawleader. We also see dead people. (Team Vlad!) Because, yeah, we do talk about the Destruction cards in Hidden Kingdoms. It’s not all party. So ask yourself, are you ready to commit to the Queek?


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Poll 33: So … Warhammer Diskwars?

Just after the development of Invasion has ended, Warhammer Diskwars hits the scene. And some might say we – us, you, and that guy over there licking his cards – are the target audience because it’s a Warhammer game by FFG. That very promising young man Lukas is involved, there might be expansions, and you might want to buy multiple core sets, so we might feel right at home. But do you care? Are you interested in Diskwars, have you tried it?

Episode 24: Slann Dunk

We’re back! Apparently, a whole year has passed since the last episode. Therefore it’s no surprise that we’ve got a bunch of news, cool stuff, and not-so-cool stuff for you. We also talk a bit about metagaming at multiplayer tournaments, and we finally get started on our card-by-card discussion of Hidden Kingdoms. We begin by checking out the wood of the elves and other people’s lizards.


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