New deluxe expansion announced: Mad Miners

When we asked Lukas what would come after Cataclysm, he wouldn’t tell us. But that was way back in episode 5. By now we’ve had a wonderful chat with FFG, and here it is: A Winvasion exclusive, this announcement won’t appear on the FFG website until later this month!


“Chaos Dwarfs are unlike other Warhammer Dwarfs in many ways, being enthusiastic slavers with Orc and Goblin slaves, as well as humans, under hobgoblin overseers. Many of them are potent Sorcerers, using magic more like other races rather than the purely runic magic of other Dwarfs. They worship a god named Hashut, also known as the “Father of Darkness”, rather than the Dwarf ancestor gods.”
-Wikipedia: Chaos Dwarfs

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce the upcoming release of Mad Miners, the fifth deluxe expansion for Warhammer: Invasion The Card Game.

In the wake of Cataclysm, the battles of Warhammer: Invasion grow more chaotic and unpredictable than ever as Mad Miners introduces a new playable faction to the game, the Chaos Dwarfs. One of the most beloved races of the Old World, the Chaos Dwarfs in Warhammer: Invasion will be a unique neutral faction. Whereas previously neutral cards were either truly neutral, “Order only”, or “Destruction only”, the Chaos Dwarfs cards will be “Chaos or Dwarf only” neutrals. Players will be able to use them in decks coming with a Chaos or Dwarf capital board, but not in decks using other capitals. Unlike other neutrals, Chaos Dwarf cards come with loyalty costs, which can be fulfilled counting the loyalty symbols of Chaos, Dwarf, and Chaos Dwarf cards in play.

Embracing Chaos

Befitting their chaotic nature, many Chaos Dwarf cards will feature the new keyword introduced in Mad Miners: Random X. Once per turn, a player can choose to trigger the Random X keyword on a card he controls to pay X resources and flip X coins. While the coins are in the air he calls heads or tails, and if at least three of the coins land on the called side, he instantly wins the game. As lead developer Lukas Litzinger strategically communicated:

“The recent restrictions and errata in the FAQ 2.0 have had an undesirable side effect. By reducing the random element in Warhammer: Invasion, they have made it much more probable for the better player to win. This wasn’t our intention. The game needs to stay accessible to new players, and we believe the best way to achieve this is to increase the random factor again, so that even total imbeciles can win the world championship. The Random X keyword is an exciting way to allow everyone to win regardless of their and their opponent’s skill or deck strength, and we believe it will breathe new life into the game, allowing even new players as young as four years of age to experience their first victories within minutes. To further enhance the exciting unpredictable strategic experience of Mad Miners, many cards will also feature other random effects.”

Re-imagining the Old World

Mad Miners will also introduce players of Warhammer: Invasion The Card Game to an exciting new direction in the game’s art design. All Chaos Dwarf cards will use Chaos’ traditional black borders, while also using beloved Dwarf art already present in the game. LCG developer Brad Andres provides some insight:

“We believe players will be very excited about this fascinating twist on familiar art and design. Not only will it allow Chaos Dwarf cards to fit seamlessly into Chaos and Dwarf decks, it will also make producing Warhammer: Invasion The Card Game a more sensible financial undertaking for Fantasy Flight Games. By switching to the new distribution model, and having me do all the work while Lukas spends his time on a couch, we have already successfully cut costs dramatically. After a careful review of our budget however, we found that we spend way too much on original art. It just makes sense to use the art we have again instead of commissioning new one. We are very excited about this development and are confident it will allow us to support Warhammer: Invasion The Card Game for at least a couple more months. Since it would not have been cost-effective to create new loyalty symbols, Chaos Dwarf cards will feature Chaos loyalty symbols. To satisfy even players with high visual standards, some of the art has been re-imagined. For example, some images have been horizontally flipped.”

Mad Miners will feature three copies each of 111 new cards, a rules sheet, and 13 “coin” tokens for use with the Random X keyword.

Click below for an exciting, exclusive preview of five Mad Miners cards:






The Right to Arm Bears

Card designed by 2012 world champion Jeremy Zwirn

Card designed by 2012 world champion Jeremy Zwirn

6 thoughts on “New deluxe expansion announced: Mad Miners

  1. Valjean

    The right to arm bears … great! They should definitely add that amendment to the U.S. constitution. But again we see the headless design of FFG. “Random” for Chaos Dwarves? That should totally be “Chaotic”? Do they any playtesting at all over there? Not so much, I guess. The same with the Right to arm bears. Yeah, funny, isn’t it? Ha ha. Nobody seems to be interested in Warhammer fluff, though. It should have been aimed at a Taurus or maybe an Centaur. Also the “flip a coin” mechanic is totally stolen from Magic. And the number of cards in the expansion? “Chaos”, man! There should be a half copy of 666 different cards in there! Man, my dead grandma could design a better expansion than these guys. She also could do better swearing than “Balls of Chaos”. I should start poker again, they have at least balanced factions.

    (Nice work, guys!)

  2. Hotbutton

    Hilarious! 🙂
    Loving the new direction the game is taking and hoping we’ll see some random dice rolling in future expansions, too! 😉

  3. Junglecat

    Thank you for this. I laughed hard enough to cough the last lung cookies out of my chest. My cold is finally and officially done!

  4. Jeremy

    I believe Damon Stone is 100% accurate with my Chaos Balls – what can I say, the man just has a way with them.

    You can be damn sure I’ll be practicing hard with my Balls to defend my title…

    1. Daniel

      As if you’re paying your Chaos Balls any more attention than normal simply because you won.


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