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The North American Nationals were held at GenCon this past weekend. Congratulations to the winner, Robert Graves, and the runner-up, Sean Johnson! You can find more information in this thread, and a few glimpses of the event in the video below, at about 4:13.

Also at GenCon, FFG announced its acquisition of

In a shocking surprise move, FFG completely failed to announce any new LCG.

Also, it appears those Warhammer disks are too small to serve as coasters.


2 thoughts on “GenCon news

  1. bitva

    Well, let’s look at it this way; 7 LCG development staff at FFG, 6 LCG titles currently. A 7th LCG title would mean one man per title (or more developers, but we know that’s not an option).

    Oh wait, Damon Stone is involved? Nevermind, that’s more like 70 LCG development staff housed in the work space of 7 people.

  2. Kaine

    I spoke with Brad at Nationals. He vaguely confirmed something will be done about 3 cost legends before any official multi-player tournament is held and commented on how good end times will be with the undead board in hidden kingdoms.

    I foresee an updated restricted list before worlds. Hopefully snotling invasion is made limited instead of unique.


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