Episode 9: Arrested Development

We’re back! On schedule! And this time, no one was sick, no computer died, the power didn’t go out … great! We now can add “No computers were harmed during the taping of this episode” to the credits, sweet.

We of course wrapped up our talk about Arcane Fire, then we discussed the state of the game after the Corruption Cycle, power creep and game evolution, netdecking, and the difficulties of preparing for small tournaments. We also talked about the Game Night Kits, and looked back at one of the best battle packs ever, The Burning of Derricksburg, which lead to a little talk about developments.

Also: Orcs! Waaagh!

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Verena has decided to nuke the site from orbit. It's the only way to be sure.

Looks like Verena has decided to nuke the site from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure.


Never underestimate a bye. They're not human. They don't think like us.

Never underestimate a bye. They’re not human. They don’t think like us. And they got funny ears.


Assault on Wroclaw: results and some decks

6 thoughts on “Episode 9: Arrested Development

  1. gr4ffi

    Hey, nice podcast again. Wroclaw was great and compared to the tournaments i usually participated in (like max. 14 persons) really did show the meta and all levels of play. The whole big tournament thing was a new experience to me. Before going there from germany we had to make up our minds and put effort into deck building and testing. It went well. I got kicked out by the champ first round in top 16. He seemed to play on a whole other level 🙂 and i could not compete and also had bad draws which is deadly against hand discard.

    Anyways, you mentioned the HE combo on 3rd place and asked weather it was fast or not. I played him in the pre rounds before tops and beat him 2 – 1 . I knew he was going combo right from the start as he put down his temple of vaul. I also knew the exact combo and how it was working so he did not have the advantage of surprise. Though i had no precise game plan for that i just kept deminishing his quest which kind of worked in the end.
    The point is: He did not need to be fast with this combo because Mage of Loec and Rune of Valaya together with Gathering the Winds are just such great delaying elements and also High Elves have a nice, fast set up with their economy. They can play quest only with Convocation of Eagles, they are just the perfect combo race and maybe will be for all time 🙂

    Long speech short: No, this combo is not fast as it has so many links. But High Elves can play it anyhow. They also did play difficult combos before (see OCTGN tournament and worlds) and came out on top.

    At the moment they are discussing if this combo with gathering the winds is even possible, because it is unique (i guess you already know and can give an answer/explanation in the next episode) and putting unique cards into play may be forbidden.


    1. Virgo

      Yep, you can’t use action that puts into play second unique card, when first is still in play when action is triggerd.

  2. Junglecat

    Warhammer Invasion is the first game of this type (lcg/ccg) that I’ve played. As such, I found your conversation on netdecking and the internet’s effect on the game very interesting and enlightening. As far as netdecking goes, it’s definitely not for me. It doesn’t give you the satisfaction of playing with something that you’re emotionally invested in because you didn’t take the time to figure it out and create it on your own.

  3. kaine

    Mini-capital boards are awesome! I can’t remember the last time I used the full size ones.
    I started using dice for resources and wounds to make it easier to keep everything on the board (red for wounds and grey for resources). It’s just easier to pack around.


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