Episode 7: It was the best of times, it was the End Times

Good news, everyone! We’re back! Turns out a broken power supply can’t stop us. Because we have an army of hamsters and many, many running wheels.

We also have more terrible ideas for deluxe expansions, thoughts on Kaine’s thoughts on community building, thoughts on the Faith and Steel and Cataclysm previews, and thoughts on the Chaos poll as well as on Assault on Ulthuan. And after careful consideration we said all those thoughts out loud, because maybe you don’t just want to listen to us think. Or do you? Let us know, because you could save us an awful lot of work. And we’re really good at thinking at people.

We also raise heart cancer awareness and say goodbye to Daniel. Boom!

7 thoughts on “Episode 7: It was the best of times, it was the End Times

  1. Gnomeschool

    Nice having you back again.
    I think it is really interesting, how almost every bad card seems to be more attractive in multiplayer.
    I’d say that this is the case with “Lure them Out” too. You hust could use units by other players, to kill some units attacking you…

    At last I have to defend “Brave Volunteers”, because it’s one of the best looking artworks I have ever seen in Invasion.
    And of course they’re dark elves! I mean, look at the picture – it’s mauve! Most important characteristic for dark elves. ; )

  2. Junglecat

    It’s very good to have you guys back! I learn something new every time I listen…unfortunately, I frequently forget what I learned by the time I go to play or build my next deck so I don’t know if that counts.
    Sorry to hear that Daniel is leaving the cast. I thought you did a great job and enjoyed hearing you say “aboot” and other good Canadianisms. For the new co-host, how about teaching Invasion to someone famous just so you could have star power on the Podcast (because you know there’s no way to book Damon Stone). Is James Earl Jones still alive? Or you could go to the other end of the spectrum and try to pull in Cindi Lauper. Or maybe the “Hoff”. I’ve heard Hasselhoff is HUGE in Germany…

  3. Valjean

    Finally I was able to listen to the podcast. Again a great piece of work – interesting and amusing. I liked the insight in the new battle pack (High Elves will surely take the mentioned High Elf’s Disdain against End Times, I think – I can really envision that disgusted High Elf: “End Times? That’s for the unwashed rabble. We’re not interested. Take your End Times somewhere else.”). I have to admit though that the part impressing me most strongly was the discovery of german computer artisans handcrafting circuits, hard drives and graphic boards. You just have to admire that.


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