Episode 5: Game changer

You know how we always said we were going to talk to Lukas?

This time we did it.

We really don’t need to say anything more than that, do we?



Click below for links and things we mention in the episode.



The winning deck of the international OCTGN tournament.

Assault on Wroclaw information

The Deathmaster’s Dance, the pack we looked back at.

Also, a short note: Torsten said many stupid things on the show, including that Repeater Bolt Thrower ended up restricted. Which of course is completely wrong. RBT ended up with an important errata, not restricted.

If you want to win the signed Cataclysm copy, please use the comments for the post below!

The most famous couch of the Old World, post-episode.

The most famous couch of the internet, post-episode.

6 thoughts on “Episode 5: Game changer

  1. WWaSP

    I could have done with a little more profanity and a little less talk of scantly clad dark elves… you don’t want listeners getting aroused while at work or in front of their children do you?!
    Just kidding, I could do with more of both.
    Seriously though, that was a great interview guys. I’m loving the podcast!

  2. Argoth

    Hi! It’s nice to hear about the international tournament on OCTGN in your podcast. I have organized this tournament (Djibi and Gardine helped me) so I’d like to thank you for your interest.
    When it comes to communication during the on-line games…most of the players don’t use Skype. We usually write in chat window contained in OCTGN software. English is the main language (except for matches between players from the same country of course). I have played with players from different countries (Poland, Germany, Spain, Czech, Greece, France, China, Peru, USA,) and I tkink there is no problem with communication.
    In the nearest future I’d like to organize the next tournament, bigger than the previous one. I look forward to the end of the Eternal War Cycle, because then each faction will have its own new Legend and racial village. Hope, it will be as interesting and full of fun as the last one.
    Obviously, if you would like to help me with promotion and organization, I’ll be very grateful.
    If you want to know something about last tournament (decks of TOP 8, rules, members etc.) you can ask me.
    Best regards

    1. Torsten Post author

      If you’ll let us know about it in time, we will of course try to promote the next tournament on the show. I think it also certainly would help create interest if you publicized as much as you can about the first one on the FFG forums and on BGG.

  3. Valjean

    That was a cool episode with a really interesting interview. I liked it very much. Although I find it disturbing that Invasion is made by a guy that could almost be my son (humans can sire children from the age of eight on, can’t they?).

    Anyway, I think it’s great that FFG values choices in Invasion above everything else. As such I appreciated the new FAQ. That Lukas explained the thoughts behind it, was really enlightening. So thank you guys (all three of you) for your work.

    Regarding your new marketing strategies (thinking of High Elves and Imperium), maybe you should think about doing the podcast naked. That might be appealing to the audience in question. As Torsten’s (an to a lesser extent Daniel’s) forehead is partially naked, that wouldn’t be a great effort. Finally Winvasion would really be the podcast that our parents don’t want us to listen to.


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