Episode 4: A rush of fists to the face

Good news, everyone: We’re back! And since we’ve already run out of ideas, we’re just going to do what we did in the first episode, and talk about each card of a battle pack. But it’s a different battle pack this time: Glory of Days Past. And this time, we even tell you what the cards do. Because you asked for that, and we listen to you. Even though the whole point of us doing a podcast is making you listen to us. Crazy, right?

But why talk about just one battle pack, when you can talk about two? So we also look back at Tooth and Claw. You’re getting two for one, it’s a great deal! And you get even more: we shamelessly mention our Support us page, Daniel presents his only friend champion, Torsten does almost the entire episode in German, and the Canadian influence in Warhammer is revealed – as is a shocking art scandal. Really, you have to listen to this:

And even though we tell you what the Glory of Days Past cards do, we still have a spoiler list for you:

61: Thorek Ironbrow
Dwarf Legend
1/2/1 P, 3 HP
Forced: When this legend enters play, you must burn 3 zones instead of 2 in order to win for the rest of the game.
Action: When this legend attacks, put a Dwarf support card of cost X or less from your hand into play. X is the number of resources in your pool.

Mine Engineers

To a dwarf, only two things are more precious than gold: Candlewax, and heatproof face lotion.

62: Recover Mithril Lode
Dwarf Quest
Play in any opponent’s zone under your control.
When you assign combat damage to this zone, you may place any number of that combat damage on this quest instead.
Forced: When the 3rd damage token is placed here, sacrifice this quest to put the top 4 cards of your discard pile into play as developments in any single zone.

63: Mine Engineers
Dwarf Unit
1P, 3 HP
Dwarf Only. Ambush 2.
Action: When this unit ambushes, heal up to 3 damage from your capital.

When Bobby discovered he could bend steel with his voice, he decided to join the X-Men. They kicked him out after he tried to make Wolverine wear one of his hats.

When Bobby discovered he could bend steel with his voice, he decided to join the X-Men. They kicked him out after he tried to make Wolverine wear one of his hats.

64: Karak Hirn Mine
Dwarf Support
If you control a non-Dwarf card, sacrifice this card.

65: Ostland Greatswords
Empire Unit
1P, 3 HP
Raider 2.

66: Fulminating Cage
Empire Tactic
Empire only. Ambush 3.
Action: Cancel the current attack. Your opponent cannot declare another attack this turn.

67: Master of Qhaysh
High Elf Unit
1P, 2 HP
Action: When this unit survives an attack on an opponent’s zone, put 1 resource token on a card with at least 1 resource on it.

White Lion Master

Not the gaze of a lion about to get shot. Definitely the gaze of a lion who is going to have elf for breakfast.

68: Guarding Boon
High Elf Tactic
Action: Until the end of the phase, each Mage unit you control deals +1 damage in combat and gains: “Redirect the first point of damage dealt to this unit to target unit in any corresponding zone.”

69: White Lion Master
High Elf Support
Attach to a target unit you control.
This card enters play with 1 resource token on it.
Action: Remove 1 resource token from this card to cancel an action just triggered that targets attached unit.

70: Borgut Facebeater
Orc Unit
3P, 4 HP
Action: When this unit attacks for the second time in one turn, put an Orc unit from your hand into your battlefield, declared as an attacker.


Borgut Faceb- … wait. Would the real grobi please stand up?

71: Boar Rider
Orc Unit
1P, 3 HP
Raider 1.
Action: When this unit attacks for the second time in one turn, it gains 2P until the end of the turn.

72: Get ‘Em Ladz!
Orc Tactic
Orc only. Ambush 0.
Action: Choose a zone. Until the end of the phase, draw a card for each damage dealt to that zone.

Chaos Dragon

An incomplete combo.

73: Chaos Dragon
Chaos Unit
5P, 5 HP
Battlefield only.
Action: When this unit attacks, discard the top card of your deck. If the discarded card is a unit, corrupt target unit in the defending zone.
(Click here for proof that FFG is not giving us enough head!)

74: Wasting Disease
Chaos Tactic
Action: Choose a trait. Until the end of the phase, all units with that trait lose 1P and get -1 hit points while participating in combat.

75: Painful Mutation
Chaos Support
Attach to a target unit in any battlefield zone.
Attached unit gains 2P.
Forced: At the beginning of your turn, deal X indirect damage to attached unit’s controller. X is attached unit’s total Power.

Ghrond Errand Riders

For the younger members of our audience: This is what the term “snail mail” refers to.

76: Outlaw Sorcerer
Dark Elf Unit
1P, 2 HP
Dark Elf only. Ambush 1.
Action: When this unit ambushes, discard a card at random from attacking opponent’s hand.

77: Ghrond Errand Riders
Dark Elf Unit
1P, 2 HP
Action: When a card is discarded from an opponent’s hand, move this unit to another one of your zones.

78: Marked For Death
Dark Elf Support
Attach to a target unit.
When attached unit leaves play, attached unit’s controller must discard X cards from the top of his deck. X is the attached unit’s cost.

Rogue Warrior

Good … bad … he’s the guy with the sword.

79: Rogue Warrior
Neutral Unit
0P, 2 HP
Ambush 1. Raider 1.
This unit deals +3 damage in combat.
Forced: When this unit survives an attack on an opponent’s zone, turn this unit facedown as a development.

80: Strength Of Emperors
Neutral Tactic
Action: Heal all damage on target legend, then draw X cards. X is the number of damage healed.

9 thoughts on “Episode 4: A rush of fists to the face

  1. Herzogar

    Yay, my secret plan of being mentioned in every other episode of Winvasion has been an astounding success so far! So secret in fact, I didn’t even know about it myself. And I’m not at all scared shitless of the thought of being Daniel’s champion – did I mention I don’t play competitively, exclusively Dwarves and Dark Elves ( + Undead) and don’t have access to most of the great must-have cards in the game (Warpstone Excavation, Contested Village, Muster for War etc.) since the guys I’m sharing the game with have hogged them? But I’m fine, my freshly excremental pantaloons not withstanding.

    Anyway, great episode guys. A bit surprised you didn’t mention Gutter Runners. And am I wrong in assuming Rogue Warrior is the first unit lacking any Traits?

    PS. I don’t even know how to pronounce it.

  2. Gnomeschool

    So, this is the Empire raider card I have been waiting for so long? Really, this artwork is a shame. Can’t believe it is the same artist who made the awesome “Mine Engineers”.
    Don’t know what is worse with this picture – his nose or his tiny hands, the obvious wrong perspective of his blade or his companion, relieving himself.

    My girlfriend said the same thing about this “beak with teeth” thing, when she saw the illustration of Karl Franz – where it really looks wrong, I think. On “Strenght of Emperors” I like it. And mind, that the archaeopteryx, prime father of birds, had teeth too. ; )

    Agree with Daniel in picking “Reap what’s Sown”. There you have it the other way: a very good artwork wasted for a useless card…

    Thanks for the nice podcast again! : )

  3. cyberfunk

    Fun podcast; I’m just now catching up! Few thoughts on your card reviews:

    -Ghrond Errand Rider is another cheap cavalry (that’s two in two packs) for Spawn of Kintearer, and it kinda combos with Bannerman of the Crag, too. If you can keep either of those engines set up, that’s a lot of mill.
    -Paniful Mutation – be a man and put it on Veteran Sellswords! Flings 4 damage at them before it hits you… 🙂
    -Wow, you guys really like Wasting Disease, huh? A -1/-1 for guys of a particular trait (that your guys hopefully don’t have) who also happen to be in combat? Seems like there are better combat tricks/battlefield wipes for Chaos, who are already hard-pressed to find room for tactics despite having plenty of good ones.
    -I always felt that Reap What’s Sown would have it’s day. It’s prett bad for card-draw, but really good for self-mill, such as setting up massive Reclaiming the Fallen shenanigans (I had a game with like thirty hammers’ worth of Greatswords coming back, which was pretty amusing). And, yeah, it was good in RBT back in the day when they had to make a million barrels and wanted to put everything in Kingdom early.

    1. Daniel

      I like Wasting Disease, Torsten was lukewarm on it. The cheapness and “Cavalry” of Ghrond Errand Riders does not an exciting card make. Do you have a lot of Spawn of Kintearers hitting the table? I’ve never really looked into Dark Elf Cavalry as a deck concept, so maybe I just need to open my eyes to the majesty.

    2. cyberfunk

      Well, I’m not really sure there was such a thing as DE cavalry as a deck concept until the last two packs. 😛 I do think Spawn of Kintearer is a solid mill card, though; it works really well with Cavalry Raid, which otherwise seems kind of ho-hum.

      1. Junglecat

        I recently tried a cavalry/Kintearer mill deck. One of the most fun decks that I’ve played with yet.

  4. Gnomeschool

    Two weeks past. I hope, there’s a big red notice in your calendar today, reading “upload new episode”. 😀

    1. Torsten Post author

      I’m currently doing post-production.

      The best part about post-production is that you get to say you’re doing post-production.


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