11 thoughts on “Episode 38: All Zones Burning

  1. Junglecat

    So sorry to hear that Winvasion end credits music for the last time. But your decision is very understandable and I give you credit for keeping us your listeners entertained and informed for as long as you did. But the main point I want to make more than any other is THANK YOU! This podcast has been a delight and I think you two are the bees knees.
    While Winvasion may be no more, my homeslices and I will continue to have our once or twice a month Invasion nights. We still love to get Cataclysmic even though the End Times may have already come and gone. And I’m glad you ended the show with a big belly laugh. That sheep bit….fantastic!

  2. Giami

    Thanks for everything and I hope that someday it will be re-edited Warhammer: Invasion and that you go back again to talk about this great card game. THANK YOU FOR ALL FRIENDS!

  3. Kirath

    “Oh, Danny boy, the pipes, the pipes are calling
    From glen to glen, and down the mountain side
    The summer’s gone, and all the roses falling
    ‘Tis you, ’tis you must go and I must bide. […]”

    Thanks for the hours of entertainment, guys!
    To be honest, it has been almost a year since I last played Invasion, but I still enjoyed listening to you.

  4. EnglishBob

    Thanks for the good times, the bad times, and the end times. Sad to see the curtain fall on this always-entertaining podcast. Goodbye and auf wiedersehen.

  5. AnvilOfDoom

    Your decision is completely understandable, but I will truly miss your podcast. I have spent several times more hours listening to Winvasion, than I have actually playing the game (I don’t know anyone who I can normally convince to try the game).

    Thanks for the laughs! 🙂

  6. Gnomeschool

    Just found this one.
    Since the cancelation I played so rarely that I already feel kind of nostalgic about all the things related to the game. This game really had a community I could enjoy playing with and I hope that one day I will find something similare again – with guys like you.
    Thanks for all those hours of the one and only Warhammer Invasionn Podcast your parents don’t want you to listen to. 😉

  7. Meggypeggs

    Much appreciated that you guys stuck this long after the game was discontinued, with what has been one of my highly ranked games.

    I cant emphasise how underrated this game is.

    My group will continue to play W:I in our small group in the North West.

    Thanks again chaps from a UK fan.

  8. bitva

    Aw man. Guess we have to wait for Warhammer: Revasion to come out for more. But first, we have to wait for GW to reveal what they are doing with Warhammer: not-40K. Then, we have to wait for the Star Wars movies to stop. Maybe by then Daniel and Torsten will be retired and have more time (and still play games)?

    End of an era 🙁

  9. Junglecat

    I can’t believe it’s been not much more than a year since your last podcast. It seems like an eternity. You fellas had the best ‘cast around! I recently started getting into 40K Conquest which led me to find out y’all made a guest appearance on the Tyrantcast. Searched, found, and just listened to it. It was wonderful to hear you both again.
    …and I’m still keeping Invasion alive around here by having a Cataclysm multiplayer night about once a month. It never gets old.

  10. Diana Craciun

    Hey Guys.
    We miss you. We still play W.I with our gaming group (18 girls)
    i used to listen to you guys so often that my BF was getting pissed off. so i listened even more !

    well not sure if you guys decided to finish the podcast on your own or was GW up to no good and forced you guys to end it ?
    we play W.I with the two forever fan made expansions and the cards are well balanced within our decks.

    ok, well. good bye and be safe.
    BGG-Blood Bowl 4 ever


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