Episode 37: Enter the Dragon

Good news everyone! It took forever to edit this episode – sorry! – but here it finally is, and it’s of course completely dedicated to Dragonflight. Check it out, check out Forever War if you haven’t already, join the discussion in the comments here if you like.



9 thoughts on “Episode 37: Enter the Dragon

  1. Junglecat

    Glad I listened to the ‘cast. Several card I thought were “meh” sound a hell of a lot better now that I hear some insight on them. Great pack! And I love the artwork. I think Dragonflight and Savage Shaman have my favorite art in this pack.
    Sorry I have no cards to sell to you Torsten. Are you coming all the way to America to play cards at the FFG event center?

    1. Torsten Post author

      Which ones did you think were “meh”?

      I’ve seen Frozen, so I believe I can pass on Minnesota. Instead I’ll visit New York and Washington. You never see those in movies or on TV.

  2. Junglecat

    At first glance, Eldyra of Tiranoc, Shrine to Isha, and Casket of Dreams off the top of my head. But hearing you talk about them makes them seem a lot better. If this was on the shelf, I’d buy it in a heartbeat!
    Enjoy your visit to the States sir

  3. sonja reznikov

    I am delighted you are keeping this card game alive by publishing these battle packs.

    In your future discussions can you kindly clarify what is the best way to build a 50 card deck ?

    There is a event coming up which the rules states the following:
    Each deck must consist of 50 cards from official released cards as well as Forever war fan expansion.
    In addition it says each deck must consist of 3 quest cards, 2 Legend cards, 24 units, 12 Tactics and 12 Support cards. This means each player (each deck) has exactly same total unit cards,same number of tactics and so on…Players must submit list of their decks prior to the event start time.

    I am concern that some players are very good about counting opposition cards..so half way through the
    game they would know if you have already used up your Legends or units…is that a concern or have you experienced something like this ?
    I am also concern that the restriction on maximum number of units, support or tactics, legends, quests
    puts a limit on players building a powerful deck around their faction. Having said that I could have
    21 single unit cards consist of 21 different units but i prefer to stay with 3 x each unit….

    Are you in favor or against an event which dictates how many type of cards you can enter into the tournament
    or do you feel this will balance the decks ?

    Our gaming group loves your podcasts and forever expansion battle packs..well…almost all of our members..
    the orc players did not care much about the cartoon artwork of the orcs cards in your latest release..


  4. Junglecat

    I’m not a Winvasion dude but I’ll comment anyway. I think it’s strange that an event has such a restricted deckbuild requirement. I think it inhibits creativity…and I don’ think it really balances anything else out either. That said, it’s not often that people can find ANY event to go to so you should be pleased as punch, even with the strange deckbuilding requirements. As far as card counting goes, you can pay attention to how many cards your opponent is playing as well as him. I just wouldn’t worry about it and have fun. Bring all your favorite Dark Elf trickery and nastiness and make you opponents beg for mercy!
    Personally, I liked most of the artwork for the Orc cards. But rumor has it that they’ve lined up a Pokemon artist to do the artwork for the next pack….

  5. Sonja Reznikov

    Thanks {junglecat},

    Yes- we try to send 2 to 3 girls from our gaming group to any near WI events and the setup for this event is very strange but as you pointed out I am happy there is an event and i will gladly comply with their strange rules of deck entries.

    Yes- I do play with the dark elves and i even dress as a witch ef during the events to confuse my opponent
    and my goal is to hit them hard during the first few turns while they drool and by the time they know what happened recovery is not an option.
    although some of the best DE cards have been classified as over power and the events restrict them which
    ultimately DE are not as tough as they should.


  6. Junglecat

    Which DE cards are restricted? The ones from the official FFG restricted list or do they have their own homebrew restricted list?

  7. Sonja Reznikov

    apparently i cant even type…i could not find edit button to correct spelling of Witch Elf…

    yes they restricted 2 DE legends.
    Anethra Helbane & Malekith

    one of the 2 semi finals was full of controversy. Empire vs Skaven. the event rules said you can not enter
    more than 3 copies of any unit but skaven player had 6x rat swarm. Empire player complained about 2/3
    in to the game and skaven player was winning. the event co ordinators checked and had discussions and
    then they disqualify the skaven player !!
    why ? he had already submitted his list prior to the start of the event and it clearly showed he had six copies and the card text also said he could bring up to six copies of that card.

    I was under impression it is all girls tournament but i was the only girl there playing with DE and dressed half naked. felt like an idiot but the boys loved it.

    I will post details of the event and some of the winners deck lists on BGG or FFG site.
    High Elves won the event defeating the Empire.
    I did not do well. I just could not get into the games without my favourite Legends from my list
    sadly they did not tell me about removing my two legends until my first game so i had no chance to replace them and the coordinators kept repeating themselves about how DE `s are unfairly 2 powerful and they need to have cards restricted to allow other factions catchup and how much they loved my outfit.
    i played 5 games and i ended up 2-3
    very disappointing. I still love the game and DE !

    1. Junglecat

      Thanks for the details. I think a 40% win rate at a competitive event is not bad. Weird they restricted Helbane and Malekith. They’re respectable legends but far from restriction worthy. What happened to the Skaven player was rediculous! “Well sir, it looks like you have a completely legal deck. So you’re disqualified.”


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