Episode 34: … Dary!

We’re back! With some mob up items, some news, a heckuva lot of talk about the End Times storyline from the Warhammer tabletop (spoiler warning for the first package!), and the second part of our look back at Legends. Along the way we rules lawyer the Lizardmen capital a bit, and pass along a challenge from bitva. Enjoy!



3 thoughts on “Episode 34: … Dary!

  1. bitva

    Thanks for passing along the challenge. Would be interesting to know what sort of alternative rules were in your tournament Torsten. I hope you’re enjoying a Coke with Mr. Lang at ESSEN right now.

    That soft reset in the WHF fluff and rules is interesting news. Who knows; maybe that’s the real reason WH:I development was ceased. Whether it was a directive of GW to FFG since it would conflict with their new vision on fluff, or an FFG decision to align with the soft reset (and maybe amend the way the game plays as a result) or to just do a second edition as they have shown a penchant for of late, we’ll probably never know.

    One thing I think I didn’t mention when talking about why the WH:I LCG perhaps didn’t attain the following other LCGs had is the deck-building restriction regarding Destruction and Order not being able to be in the same deck. In Magic, you could always legally have any card colors in a single deck, even if opposed-colors decks were difficult to get working at first. LotR LCG doesn’t restrict which spheres of influence can be in a player deck together, and AGoT simply has cost penalties for mixing cards from different houses in a single deck. Not sure how Star Wars works; I think there is a one-side-or-the-other restriction, but I think without that, people would be unhappy as it conflicts with a basic premise of the IP.

    In WH:I, I think the line between “destruction” and “order” is somewhat permeable. If I understand the fluff well enough, I think Dwarves fighting side-by-side with High Elves is about as silly as Lizardmen forming an alliance with Skaven. Perhaps with this new allies-friendly approach GW seems to be taking, FFG took the opportunity revamp Invasion to cross that deck-building divide to some degree. It might also make it easier to include more factions into the game a playable by grouping some together (like “humans” instead of “Empire” so that Bretonnians are built into the faction). Oh and Chaos Dwarves. Any new edition of WH:I has to have Random X in the base set or it doesn’t count!

    Finally, I was expecting a Cthulu Corner segment, and didn’t hear it. Daniel, what are people saying now that a new Call of Cthulu box has been announced?

  2. sammann11

    I have a great Brony story!

    So my 3 year old daughter has gotten into My Little Pony Friendship is Magic. So far I’ve been able to hold off the pull of the Brony-ism. I think it will continue. Of the few minutes I’ve seen…don’t see what all the hype is about.

    My wife bought here a “mystery pack” with a pony inside. When she opened it we discovered the pony’s name was Flower Wishes. My wife – my wife of all people – says to me, “more like de-flowered wishes”! Now that’s my kind of Brony-ism!!!

    1. bitva

      I’m fairly certain that at least one brony is responsible for A Game of Thrones LCG 2nd Edition… and the cancelation of WH:I.

      My he/they be eternally locked in a tugh onesy for eternity!


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