Episode 33: Legen — wait for it …

Good news everyone! Before we go on a little break to travel the world, solving crimes with our sidekick, a talking squirrel named Orca, the Wonder Dog, we cobbled together another episode for you. In it, we take a glimpse at what was going down at GenCon and ask for your input on the fabled Project Boombastic. We also begin to look back at Legends, talk about legends, become legends, meet legends, marry legends, make baby legends, you know, all that. And more. In just one episode!



5 thoughts on “Episode 33: Legen — wait for it …

  1. Junglecat

    Project Boombastic – Clearly it could ONLY be Invasion second edition…yeah, let’s just go with that. I guess that’d be cool, although I’m pretty cool with the game as is. Getting my friends to reinvest in an LCG would be unlikely so I suppose current cards would have to be usable for me to be fully on board. It would be nice to have a reworked Arrer Boyz that would be playable along with a long list of other cards that could use a boost. A balancing of some of the uber powerful cards would be nice to have a smaller restricted list would be a plus. Elimination of combo decks out of the gate would be nice. Card wording cleaned up for more consistency and less rules questions would be helpful.
    Legends – Did somebody say Teclis?! I love legends even though I fully agree with sentiment that they generally can’t be made consistently competitve. But they ARE fun, and that’s requirement number one in my book. And Teclis is my favorite. Even though studies show that only 40% of the time he works…every time.

  2. Gnomeschool

    I would like the game to be more about attacking and defending. Defending was never a really big thing in Invasion, I think. Maybe some tactics / ambushs / effects / whatever that can be played after an undefended attack or something.
    Or destroying all cards in a zone when that zone is burned. I don’t think that would work… but I always felt like players should have more reasons to defend.

    Personally I think the action chain is okay – though I know it confuses a lot of people, especially with what is part of the costs and will be done immediately.

    Maybe a limit of hand cards at the end of turn would be healthy too.

    And then changeing some cards, of course. Personally I would like to have Invasion in a state where control isn’t that easy with infinite cards like Offering to Hekarti and Sorcerer of Tzeentch. And those cards that help you building up while destroying the opponent (Warhounds, Rodrik’s Raiders…).
    I could also think of dividing Troll Vomit into two cards – one destroying all units with costs 2 and below, and one destroying all units with 3 or more. It would be more difficult in deck building then, to have an answer to every opponent’s threat.

    So far from me.
    Thanks for the episode! 🙂

  3. bitva

    Just for the record, I know I’ve made several jokes/comments about Warhammer Invasion 2nd Edition. There were purely comical/fantastical and weren’t based on any upcoming projects by anyone. I’m not even sure I’d want a 2nd Edition (FFG 2nd Editions of other games I was a fan of have been less than stellar) and are typically “dumbed down” for mass appeal, while also being much more expensive. On the other hand, it could be better than nothing.

    I’d be more hopeful that they do something like what they did with their Tide of Iron series; handing it over to another company and kind of keeping tabs on it while that other company develops the system. Only wrench in the works in the case of WH:I is the license from Games Workshop, and of course, the LCG brand/model that is associate with FFG. If they could work around those things, I’d like to see WH:I development handed over to another party. I don’t know, maybe someone with experience with the game, with a card design background in the game already. Someone who knows about balance and interpreting what is meant by card text and errata. Someone like that dude who was in an episode of Winvasion several months go. Yeah that guy, who designed the Forever war cards. What was his name again?

  4. john

    I would like to see the designers of the fan expansion {forever war} to continue their efforts into further expansions and if needed we (the fans) at our gaming group can work extra shifts and send money towards the time and the cost involved in making this fan expansions.
    I think if we use our efforts into something we can control (by supporting fan made expansion designers) as oppose to dream of something we can not control (asking FFG to come up with one last deluxe or a second edition- which our gaming group is completely against it because we already spent lots of $ to complete it).
    The game is not perfect but what game is perfect?
    The fact remains FFG closed the doors on W.I just to open the doors for another warhammer theme LCC (conquest for 40k) so on behalf of my gaming group of 54 people who love W.I please lets put our efforts towards fan made expansions.

    Everyone at our gaming group is also involved in the Games Workshop warhammer miniatures (fantasy and 40k) so we feel in North America there is much more interest in 40k while in Europe majority interest is towards fantasy.

    let me ask you a question, do you think supporting the LCC Conquest will show FFG that there could be interest to re visit warhammer invasion ? or do you think one has nothing to do with the other or perhaps the theme of warhammer (fantasy or 40k) has a connection with each other even for the eyes of publisher or perhaps supporting Conquest is going to harm chances of revisiting warhammer invasion.
    our gaming group feels:
    59% against supporting 40k they feel it will harm possibility of getting FFG back to W.I
    21% will support Conquest because of warhammer theme regardless of impact on W.I and
    20% did not like the idea of warhammer fantasy competing with warhammer 40k so they did not vote.
    Take care

  5. sloftus78

    I think the following would have made the game better:
    1) I think the game should have been slightly longer, by establishing the following:
    a)More HP on the zones
    b) Burn 3 zones instead of two from the beginning
    2) Higher frequency of battles between units, avoiding the massive end game battle.


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