Episode 32: Oh, behave!

We’re back! Already! Yeah, that’s us. First we lull you into a false sense of abandonment, then we hit you with the old one-two. And what an episode we have for you this time. We cover everything from a Canadian whistleblower to Daniel’s descent into broniedom. The broniescene? Bronieverse? Let’s just call it the barn. We also try to humanize Eric M. Lang, introduce our new segment Answers to Everything, speculate about Invasion’s cause of death, and talk about the biggest jerks in the galaxy (Don’t know who they are? The answer find out you shall!) and how you should behave at a tournament.



6 thoughts on “Episode 32: Oh, behave!

  1. Junglecat

    2 podcasts in such a short span of time. How great is that?! You’re spoiling us. So…..what’s the title of tomorrow’s ‘cast?

  2. sammann11

    Daniel – admit it, you’re a BRONIE!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Off topic, and maybe the wrong forum, but as per last episode I picked up The Twin Tailed Comet – any good suggestions, links, to a Gathering the Winds deck?

    1. Daniel

      You know, the first episode ends on a cliffhanger and normally I’d watch the second on principle. But this time I just didn’t care enough. It wasn’t like I am avoiding watching it because if I do I transform into a bronie, it’s more like I have a billion other shows to watch. I just started watching Firefly, for example, and Torsten was horrified I hadn’t seen that already. So I can’t be watching pony shows all day.

      If you must dabble in High Elf way with this Gathering the Winds business there is always this old thing: http://deckbox.org/sets/309008

      You can start there and make changes as you see fit given the newest version of the FAQ.

  3. bitva

    I know a lot of curiosity about the reason behind the issuing of the Star Wars conduct document was expressed during this episode, and was wondering if anyone thought of pointing the finger at all the Bronies infiltrating LCG tournaments as the cause.

    Think about it; so much of that document was devoted to condemning bullying, intimidation, and demeaning of opponents, which (according to Dr. Daniel) go against the obligatory religion of friendship that all Bronies practice. Then, the document goes into the subject of “collusion”, an obvious negative side-affect of “friendship”.

    I understand Dr. Daniel’s hesitation on blowing the whistle on tournament-crashing Bronies. With the revelation that four different alien spieces are stalking the lands of Canada, any more unraveled conspiracies might trigger large-scale civil unrest. Or maybe Bronies are indeed one of the four alien species the Canadian Government is already aware of. Either way, it’s probably time for a change. Perhaps a new Governor General is in order….

    I do agree about the Corruption Cycle not really igniting the interest in WH:I that existed when it was released. I got the packs as they came out, and remembered not really being too impressed or inspired to try out different things or amend the existing decks much. Only getting a handful of new cards doesn’t do much when the card pool is so small. Part of that was inexperience, obviously, but also, for the first several releases, there were Elf cards included, and those races were still restricted to supporting roles as AoU was not yet available. Meanwhile, from a variety/theme stand-point, there were close the same amount of Skaven cards at that time, with a Skaven “flavor”, yet they were simply gray “neutral cards” and as such, relegated to just another “supporting” role. Kinda ho-hum at the time.

    It was actually only through the great interest of a non-gaming friend that I kept getting the packs as they came out. He really liked this game, and to this day, we still play it, only rarely does someone else join us. Finally, but the time the last couple of packs came around, I started looking forward to new stuff, and the Enemy Cycle rewarded that interest (at the time).

    The same sort of thing happened to me when the Lord of The Rings LCG came along. New packs didn’t really do much for me, just provided another adventure with even more limited deck-building options than WH:I provided (due to only SOME cards in each pack being for player decks).

    I think the main issue with this isn’t so much the games themselves, but simply that there is a lack of deck building options in the core sets, which focus mainly on being able to play out of the box. I understand the value of that in getting players into the game, but without a large card pool in that initial box and only small packs of new cards for the first few months, it’s hard to maintain interest in a game that is first and foremost a CCG (as in customizable, not collectible). Sure, that doesn’t matter as much in a game that has a popular following due to some other reason than just gameplay, but the attrition still exists. Warhammer probably suffered the greatest from this initial post-core set drop in interest due to being a totally new LCG (i.e. not being a conversion of an FFG CCG first), lack of wide-spread familiarity with Warhammer outside of the gaming community, and not really knowing what to expect from an LCG that started as an LCG. The announcement of the switch-over to 3-of-everything format for LCG packs probably came a little too late for those that already jumped ship, or to bring in those that resisted the pre-release hype due to the prior format.

    I think things would have been different if there were “basic, pre-con” decks for each race and then enough cards not in the decks included to get deck-building underway in a satisfying manner after the game basics were understood by the owner/players. Or, before staring a cycle, release another box set of equal size to the core set (a stand-alone expansion maybe?). If FFG ever does another LCG that is not based on a widely-recognized franchise or theme, this is probably the approach they should take. Terrinoth LCG would be a good example. Or, dare I say it, WH:I Second Edition. Yes, the secret project Torsten is working on with Eric M. Lang. Half-way through GenCon tonight; you know it’s hours from being announced!

  4. sammann11

    Great episode, guys. Truly, though, it made me a little sad – wishing there was/had been a more active tourney scene her. As I’ve told you before, I can’t find anyone through the 4 local gaming store or on the FFG forums in my area who wants to play.

    As for NPE/Code of conduct – I will tell you bout the 1 tourney I did go to – the Louisville Loot Blowout Tourney! Everyone there was really great for the most part but there as 1 guy who played with his headphones on. He had one ear covered and the other headphone was pushed back behind his ear. I never played him in the tourney and I can’t recall if he played that way during offcial games, but we did play after we were both eliminated and I just remember thinking,”Really, You can’t give me your attention?!”


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