Episode 31: Negative Listening Experience

Good news everyone! The lemonade stand bubble has burst, so we got fired from our summer jobs and had to get back to podcasting. In this episode, we talk about NPE, or as gaming intellectuals call it: “This game sucks and I hate you!” We also gently rules lawyer the Lothern Repeater Crew, introduce our new segment the Tiny Strategy Corner, and look back at The Twin Tailed Comet. Which sounds like a kamasutra position, but really is a battle pack. Who’d have thought?



2 thoughts on “Episode 31: Negative Listening Experience

  1. bitva

    Hey, it’s tomorrow! Where’s episode 32?

    Pretty cool that there was a Minnesota Invasion tournament in June and, um, today, using Forever War cards. I know it’s not REALLY a tournament and actually a WH:I LCG 2nd Edition playtest session, but hey, sounds like there was no NPE (at least not for Jeremy).

    Does having a PhD in public health allow one to overthrow the mayor of Toronto to be replaced by, I don’t know, Torsten? Or maybe Damon Stone? Eric M. Lang perhaps? Isn’t about time Toronto had a mayor that isn’t into partaking in the illegal street beef trade?


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