Episode 30: The one with all the buggery

We’re back! And we’re 30 now. We’re old. But we make the best of it and hit you young folks with some serious life advice. We also point you to Maik’s review and deck lists, say what little we can about Assault on Wroclaw 2014, complain about the Canadian Star Wars nationals for some reason, talk about the definitely upcoming or not at all happening cancellation of Call of Cthulhu for some reason, and look back at Chaos Moon.



3 thoughts on “Episode 30: The one with all the buggery

  1. meggypeggs

    Great podcast this week (fortnight, monthly?!?).

    Keep em coming guys, I still cant get enough of W:I and all the hard work is appreciated.

  2. Gnomeschool

    Drawing and playing video games are the things I can do while listening to podcasts or audio books.
    Depends on the game though. There are some that really need my full attention.


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