Episode 3: Two chumps and a champ

We’re back! And we know you all want us to talk about Cataclysm and the new distribution model. But … we already had a guest booked before FFG sprang that on us. A very, very special guest, the freakin’ world champion, Jeremy Zwirn. Man, only the third episode, and we’re already getting the big names!

So we went with the plan and had a nice chat with Jeremy about himself, how he got into Invasion, what it’s like to hang out at the FFG event center, and of course the world championship and his deck. He also helped us launch our new life advice segment, look back at Path of the Zealot and the Repeater Bolt Thrower decks of yore (and the hero who crushed them), discuss the Lukas Litzsinger hostage situation, a Cthulhu top model, and Invasion tattoos. We also talked about pus and, er, chit, and someone finally made fun of Torsten’s pronunciation – which he totally deserves, because he thinks the Dark Elves are pink. Freak.

AND we also talked about Cataclysm and the new distribution model! Do you see now why this episode turned out so long and big and hairy and sticky and smelly? And why you really need to check it out?

Click below for photos of two chumps and a champ, and a lady we want to know more about, as well as links to some things we mention in the episode:


If you can only see a champ in this picture, you need to disable your chumps blocker. Check your browser settings.



The unknown beauty.

The unknown beauty.



Maik’s 19 decks for casual play

The Winvasion deckbox page that will be your friend

Daniel’s deckbox page, because he really needs friends



13 thoughts on “Episode 3: Two chumps and a champ

  1. Torsten Post author

    Yeah, there was a photo of her playing too, but this one has a better view of the tattoo. We still want to know if it’s a real, permanent one. And when I say “we”, I mean the worldwide Invasion community.

    1. Torsten Post author

      Awesome, that’s what I call commitment. I hope certain unnamed world champions are paying attention.

  2. Hotbutton

    Great episode guys, as always!
    I’d recommend that you continue doing the “looking back at the pack” stuff in chronological order – gives us a nice overview of the game’s history and tells us which decks/cards were popular during certain stages since it has been released.

  3. Torsten Post author

    iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/ca/podcast/winvasion-podcast/id602395385 (or just search for Winvasion in iTunes)

    Took a bit longer than expected. You see, when you submit a podcast to iTunes, they first have to review it. Since Daniel and I are very scientifically minded, we told them we’d only accept peer review. By other Invasion podcasters. They had trouble finding some, so in the end we had put on fake mustaches and review it ourselves, and that took really long, for reasons involving unhealthy amounts of self-loathing.

  4. Gnomeschool

    Before I end up as a hostage like Lukas Litzsinger, I better write a good comment.

    So, great podcast again.
    Indeed, I’m very skilled with all those tattoo things. If only they did not disappear everytime after taking a shower. Maybe I’m using wrong kind of crayon.

    And silly archers on your show again. Be careful with making your jokes – maybe some day, the dwarven ranger wants to avenge his coworkers.

  5. Toqtamish

    It is on iOS now. Make sure you use the newer Podcast app and you can setup a subscription to automatically get every new episode as they are put up.

    So far I have enjoyed the episodes. Could have gone without the gratuitous cursing in episode 2 and again in 3. Not very Canadian DD, eh ? 😉 j/k

    Though my group has not played in quite a while we are going to be giving the game a try again. Hopefully it is not as unbalanced as we remember it being.


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