Episode 29: Foreva Waaagh!

Good news everyone! While The Voice of the Game might sound differently this time, and he (she? it? Daniel? The Voice of the Game!) has to host most of the episode by himself (it’s like Home Alone, only the bad guys win), a special guest shows up to discuss the Forever War fan expansion, the only Invasion expansion seriously trying to increase the number of pinnipeds in the game. That’s a funny word. Pinniped. Pin-ni-ped. Piiiiiii-nnnnnnni-peeeeee-ddddd. There’s also mention of an interview with Christian Petersen, complaints about the completely unexpected lack of organized play support for Invasion, and some serious sexy talk, depending on your personal choice of fetishes. You know, your typical Easter episode contents.



4 thoughts on “Episode 29: Foreva Waaagh!

  1. Gnomeschool

    Well I have a little spoiler for you. The illustrations for pack 2 are already including a dwarf’s butt.

    I agree with Daniel in liking illustrations with a look on the person’s back. I think it feels a little bit like that third person view in video games. Maybe it is even easier to identify with that person as an ally through that perspective.

  2. gertat

    Hi great podcast as usual.
    Love the efforts in making a fan expansion.
    Have printed the cards and are going to see wich one I want to include in my decks.
    Very excited about even more For Ever War expansions.

  3. Diana

    Our gaming group has a warhammer invasion event starting this evening 🙂 we are including the fan expansion as invitation for anyone to include the cards in their Decks. We have 16 girls playing starting tonight and finishing sunday. Every race/faction is being represented so this will be a good measuring test for the fan expansion cards
    to being introduced to our gaming group and hopefully with positive feedback 🙂
    Happy & Safe weekend !


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