Episode 28: 40,000 what now?

We’re back! In an episode that is guaranteed to be completely free of April Fools’ jokes, we present the Golden Grimgors, continue to explore the pronunciation and etymology of WAAAGH!, discuss Malus Darkblade – who is definitely not Lokhir Fellheart and even more definitelier not a pirate – and tell you about the exciting new Banhammer game that will take the world by storm. But because we don’t only care about mass-market smash hits like Banhammer, we also discuss the upcoming release of something for a niche audience, Warhammer 40,000. Which sounds like an unreasonable amount of warhammers. Seriously, how many do you need? Was there a discount? Are we sure this isn’t about someone overcompensating for something? Anyway, it’s Warhammer. In space. Presumably a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. Where no man has gone before. Sounds silly, but we talk about it anyway, and Daniel lets his inner fanboy out to play and rant and tell you why ultramarine is the bestest color. Also, in a stunningly original move, we complain about people complaining on the internet.



Click below for stuff we mention this episode:

The lists for the Banhammer tournament we talked about:

Judgement of Verena
Derricksburg Forge
Friedrich Hemmler
Rodrik’s Raiders
Visit the Haunted City

Iron Discipline
Peasant Militia
Recruiting for War
Red Arrow Coach
The Emperor’s Statue
The Imperial Zoo
Call for Reserves
Called Back
Chain Lightning
Church of Sigmar
Emperor’s Chosen
Knights Panther
Sons of Coin
Temple of Verena
Osterknacht Elite
Werner Ludenhof
Wilhelm of the Osterknacht
Kurt Helborg

Dwarf Ranger
Mining Tunnels
Reclaiming the Fallen

Ancient Debts Repaid
My Life for the Hold!
New Trade Route
Karak Hirn Mine
Stand Your Ground
Ancestral Tomb
Dwarf Cannon Crew
Mountain Barracks
Slayers of Karak Kadrin
Spirit Slayer
Wealth of the Hold
Blood Vengeance
Master Rune of Spite
Duregan Thorgrimson
Serpent Slayer
Tunnel Fighter
King Kazador

High Elves:
Judgement of Loec

Convocation of Eagles
Lion Standard
Planning for War
Return to Glory
Through All of Time
Elven Scout
Envoy from Averlorn
Ilthilmar Arrows
Outlying Tower
Purged by Flame
Citadel of Dusk
Outpost of Tiranoc
Valorous Mage
Dreamer of Dragons
Lothern Sea Master
Mage of Loec
Temple of Vaul
Flames of the Phoenix
Eltharion the Grim

Neutral, Order only:
Dance to Loec
Order in Chaos
Nimble Spearman
Skinks of Sotek
Spawn of Itzl
Wild Rider
Shield of Aeons

Warpstone Excavation
Muster for War
End Times

Heroic Task
Long Winter
Spoils of War
Veteran Sellswords
Ancient Map
Arcane Power
Contested Village
Burn it Down
Descendant of Gods
Remote Monastery
Rogue Warrior

Neutral, Destruction only:
Warpstone Experiments
Clan Moulder’s Elite
Swarm of Bats
Mannfred von Carstein
Blood Dragon Knight
Raise Dead
The Liber Mortis
Wight Lord

Sorcerer of Tzeentch
Mounted Marauders
Beastmen Incursion

Daemon Prince
Disc of Tzeentch
Fledgling Chaos Spawn
Raiding Camps
Seduced by Darkness
Northern Wastes
Seeds of Chaos
Braying Gor
Den of Iniquity
Desecrated Temple
Pink Horrors
Ungor Raiders
Khorvak Grimbreath
Plague Bomb
Unleashing the Spell
Call the Brayherd
Kairos Fateweaver

The Unending Horde

Baby Squig
Mork’s Teef Ritual
Snotling Invasion
Tribal Tattoos
Get Outta My Way!
Goblin Raiders
Mob O’ Hutz
Rip Dere ‘Eads Off!
Spider Riders
Get ‘Em Ladz!
Lobber Crew
One Orc’s Scrap…
Squig Trackers
Valley of Many Eyes
Squig Pen
Troll Vomit
Gorbad Ironclaw
Grimgor Ironhide

Dark Elves:
Sacrifice to Khaine
Temple of Spite
Pleasure Cults

Call of the Kraken
Offering to Hekarti
Walking Sacrifice
Barbed Snares
Chill Sea Watchtower
Shattered Thought
Withering Hex
Crimson Brides
Dark Elf Infiltrator
Hag Graef Knights
Sacred Cauldron
Slave Pen
Sorceress Convent
Thief of Essence
Vile Sorceress
Crone Hellebron
Hag Queen
Seasoned Corsair

7 thoughts on “Episode 28: 40,000 what now?

  1. Junglecat

    Thanks for another great podcast fellas. Very glad to hear that you’ll be staying with Invasion as your primary topic of coverage.
    I was the lone voter for Teclis in the “lead role” category. He may not be particularly competitive, but when you can get those spells to fire…well it just doesn’t get any better than that as far as fun factor is concerned.
    I was the love voter that said he would NOT try the upcoming 40K lcg. I love science fiction more than fantasy but I frakkin’ HATE guns. 2 or more combatants squared off in a physical in your face confrontation fires my imagination. 2 or more dudes with guns seeing who fires first or has the steadier hand…that does nothing for me. And as an admitted outsider, the 40K universe doesn’t strike me as a real sci-fi setting. It just seems like another extension of the popularity of video game first person shooters, if that makes any sense.
    Plus, I only have time for one card game in my life. I have a game with a near infinite combination of deckbuilding options that I’ve only begun to scratch the surface of. A game that is fantastically fun when my friends get together for Cataclysm nights. Give that up to start some new game. I think not.

    1. Daniel

      Time is a real issue. I could play as many card / board games as I like but inevitably I would like a deeper experience and I find that I can’t get that if I play 4 card games routinely. I just suck at all four equally.

      So you hate guns, but how do you feel about bows and arrows? Yet another failing of the High Elves, or a necessary cheat on their part to make up for their various handicaps. The Empire guys have some guns too, but they don’t hide, so it doesn’t count.

  2. sammann11

    Good Episode guys – I would love to hear an offical Forever War card-by-card breakdown from The Voice of the Game! It’s as close as we’re getting to new content so why not give i some love? Have either of you two (or anyone reading this) printed off and used any of these new cards?

    As for 40K vs. Fantasy – I’d say 40K is more poular – at least here in the Kansas City area. There is most certainly a larger following at the local game stores here for 40K in the table top realm. Even at the offcial Games Workshop store here the clerk told me that 40K is more popular.

    I think sci-fi in general is more popular, or mainstream, than fantast settings. Some examples would be:
    1) There are probably 20 – 30 sci-fi movies made for every “medievil” fantasy film made. Until LOTR there was no deffinitive “fantasy” film franchise. Whereas in sci-fi you had both Star Wars and Star Trek (not to mention others)
    2) Even within WH – look at teh amount of 40K books that are published comapred to fantasy.Also a lot more 40K themed video games (and as you mentioned table top RPGs)
    3) I think space ships and lasers are just more appealing to the masses than swords and horses (or Bronies).

    I could be wrong here – this is just my view – but that’s the way I see it. That said, I do not fit into this category. I love many fantasy themed worlds, books, video-games franchises, etc… I like the sci-fi ones sometimes as wel but not nearly as much. If it didn’t all fall into the “nerd culture” I probably wold be even less into sci-f than I barely am. It’s more a product of the enviiorment.

    All that said – I will give 40K Conquest a shot – the local gamers will undoubtably pick t up and I’ll give it a shot. But I fall into that category of “I only play with my brother/wife (in my case brother)” so unless he decides to go all in with this new game I seriously doubt I will. it’s just a function of time – I rather devote what precious little I have leftover to WH:I.

    Keep up the good episodes!

  3. sammann11

    I apologize for sounding like an iiot in my prior post – asking if you guys had used these cards. I was reading more in-depth on the foreverwar.de page and realized that you both had a hand/major hand in developing this. Again, sorry for the what-I-realize-is-now-a dumb question.

    I do have a rules question on Forge Guardian. text states that this zone gets +4 hit points. I assume that this effect only last as long as that unit is in play. Does he have to defend when ambushing?

    Thanks or putting that together!

    Any chance of a deckbox entry for Forever War?

    1. Daniel

      Stop beating yourself up, Sammann. At least you read the webpages! Regarding all the other stuff: We will likely talk about Forever War on the show. Ambushing guys always have to defend, it’s in the little rules insert for the Eternal War cycle with the Raider rules.

  4. sammann11

    Thanks Daniel – let me go a littlemore in depth on Forge Guardian: Let’s say he ambushes to defend a zone with zero developments and 4 damage already on it. The attack assigns enough damage to kill him and deal 4 more damage to the zone. Now that he’s dead, does the zone burn because of the 8 total damage? Maybe I’m missing the point here – I keep thinking that his effect is somewhat useless because as long as the other player deals enough damage to kill him then his effect goes away. Any clarification?

    1. Torsten Post author

      In your example the zone burns. It is of course a situation where his effect isn’t useful at all.


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