Episode 26: Woody Riot

We’re back! It’s quite the surprise we found time for this episode, because we’re very busy not watching the Olympics. Making the most of our newly realized status as Voice of the Game™, we point you to tournament reports, talk about Diskwars, intro decks, and look back at Omens of Ruin, which back in the day brought us the first glance of the Wood Elves, as well as possibly the most evil card in the game. So, yeah, the Voice of the Game™ looks back, because this voice has eyes. It’s complicated.



9 thoughts on “Episode 26: Woody Riot

      1. meggypeggs

        Hi Daniel,

        Lumiark of Hysh was a nice 1st turn drop in the Quest zone (one loyalty). To help protect its ability (lose the 2 power when burnt) I tended to drop in the peasants to protect them. With the benefit of early card advantage it helped protect the zones overall. Its a great card that I intend to put in all my Empire decks. If it had more loyalty I would possibly look for an alternative card.

        It was a fun deck to play where I had a number of ‘when in play’ effects hit the board followed by Osterknacht Elite or bounce spells (can be devastating with Rodrik’s Raiders).

        Interesting that I found the Carnosaur a nice alternative to Hemmler allowing Empire players to put in Rodrik’s Raiders in their decks.

  1. bitva

    Here’s as good a place to speculate as any!

    WH:I Core Set is on FFG’s upcoming page again; in the red phase (i.e. In Development phase). A large number of Call of Cthulu packs have also been in this phase for a VERY long time. My thought has been this; since FFG stopped development on WH:I but declared that all existing material will remain in print, perhaps the next print run of the Core Set will be an experiment for FFG in seeing just how a Core Set with maximum copies allowed for play of each card might work. The fact that the Core Set is listed in this phase rather than the “at the printer” phase (orange phase) makes it that much more possible in my eyes.

    Back to those Call of Cthulu packs, since I believe all older CoC cycles already received a 3x all cards format update, and it’s the other game that switched to the boxed expansions only format, I always assumed those packs were staying in the “red” phase, to be reprinted into boxed sets contain while cycles or at least half-cycles. Perhaps WH:I cycles will follow suit? Particularly the Corruption Cycle. Who knows, maybe if these format changes happen, and prove successfully, WH:I stands a chance of being revitalized. Or perhaps these new printings will act as a “second edition” of sorts, with cards being printed with their errata, or totally changed due to hindsight (for example, completely changing what Visit the Haunted City does).

    Speculation is tasty stuff.

    1. bitva

      Ewww, that’s disgusting!

      40K LCG instead of Invasion? Awful! I really hope it was supposed to be their April Fool’s joke, and the guy that put it on the site thought March 1st was April 1st…

      1. meggypeggs

        Looks legit and possibly why W:I ended as it did (just my opinion).

        i hate not seeing any more W:I news updates on FFG.

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