Episode 25: Year of the Zombie Rat

Good news, everyone! We’ve made it. One year of Winvasion. In your face, people who said we would quit halfway through the first episode! Episode 25 comes to you live from our anniversary party, which might explain the excessive amount of unrelated chatter. After consuming several illegal and quite possibly alien substances we’re rather intoxicated, which shows in Torsten’s enthusiasm for a German Queek Headtaker and Daniel being unable to overcome the challenge presented by the Clanrat Clawleader. We also see dead people. (Team Vlad!) Because, yeah, we do talk about the Destruction cards in Hidden Kingdoms. It’s not all party. So ask yourself, are you ready to commit to the Queek?


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9 thoughts on “Episode 25: Year of the Zombie Rat

  1. sammann11

    Good episode guys. Happy Anniversary! It must be a strain on the budget to have Valentine’s Day and your Anniversary so close together!

    A few thoughts on the Skaven:
    In the Long Winter Louisville/Loot blow-out Tourney we used the new Polish FAQ. I’m not saying that this is THE FAQ to use, though I do think it’s nice to use because there should be some sort of update post-Hidden Kingdoms (it seems like there often was after the other big boxes came out and needed some “balance”). I was sad that with their new restriction list you can’t have Crone Hellbrone and Pleasure Cults in the same deck but I really like what they did with Warpstone Excavation: errata-ed to “Skaven Only, no longer 1 per deck”. This makes the Skaven much more viable as a way to self-corrupt.

    The guy who won that tournament won using these in his Skaven deck. I think last year he got top 2 at Gen-con and top 4 at World’s – or something like that. He was good. I did play him in the 2nd match and lost 1 games to 2. His deck was lethal. When I got home I promptly went and built a similar one: http://deckbox.org/sets/574666

    They key/trick is to hopefully draw Warpstone Excavation early. If you can get Clan Rat Claw Leader out first turn you can put into play a Rat Swarm then use Warpstone Experiments on that Rat Swarm since he has to be sacrificed anyway. There’s 4 damage off the bat. Works even better if you’re holding 2 Warpstone Experiments.

    Another way is to get Skryre District out in your Kingdom on your first turn along with Warpstone Excavation. The next turn you can get a few units out. By the third turn hopefully you have dropped a few Rat Swarms into your Kingdom (corrupted). Now you spend all 5 on Queek Headtaker, drop any multiple units for free, then sacrifice your corrupted Rat Swarms (or maybe 1 or 2 others) to play Hellpit Abomination. If you’re holding another one you can drop him for free because of Queek’s ability. This works really well if you can draw these cards (which is easier with the 2 power in the quest and now Warpstone Excavation not being limit 1 per deck – this also helps Vermintide go off easier).

    I’ve only listened to the first half/skaven part of the episode so far. when I get more time I look forward to listening to the rest! I agree that The Shattered Tower doesn’t make the cut for me.

    Keep ’em coming!

  2. Gnomeschool

    I think, Clanrat Clawleader should get an errata:
    When this unit attacks, pronounce its name correctly to put a Skaven unit with cost 2 or less into play from your hand as an attacker. Sacrafice that unit at the end of the turn.
    Really had to laugh at that part (and couldn’t do it better probably).

    Personally I’m really excited of Stocking Skulls – because those units don’t have to enter the discardpile from play. So you could play Summons of Chaos and Stocking Skulls together to corrupt like every unit in play.
    When playing it during battlefield phase you may use effects of units like Swam of Bats or Ghorgon, when building a deck with very many units. Could be a nice option for Call the Brayherd decks too.

    I’m playing an orc deck with Dark Acolyte on the OCTGN torunament at the moment, and I think he maybe is even too strong for orcs. Together with One Orc’s Scrap, Rip dere ‘Eads off! and even Grimgor’s or Valley of Many Eyes Ability to destroy your own developments, it’s just very easy to get Bloodthirster, Grimgor, Reckless Boyz or Arachnarok Spider as the topmost unit. But I’ll wait for more experience with this unit before finally judging that. Just played 5 rounds of that tournament with it so far.

  3. Sherpico

    Very glad you fellas are continuing to make these podcasts! I just started playing Invasion in a few months ago (right before the FFG announcement of no new content) and it is really helpful to hear your input about cards and strategies. I was concerned that FGG’s announcement would also the end of Winvasion. Glad to see I was wrong!

    Keep ’em coming!

  4. sammann11

    Daniel – your buddy’s idea of pairing Count Vlad with Windcatcher Prism works great!

    This combo my also work with the Ironbrow/dwarf “greed” deck I’ve been repeatedly failing at making.

    The one downside with Count Vlad’s alternate win condition is that often times before I mill myself out o cards, My Abyssal Terror will be ready to play, with SOOO much power that I can end the game right then and there. Still fun though!

    1. Daniel

      In my humble opinion the alternate win condition for Vlad is more of a scare for my opponent than something I would like to try to pull off. I think he’s a strong legend and the Undead capital ability works nicely with him. What you are describing is why I don’t like trying to build in a half-assed self-mill mechanic, the Undead have such great cards anyway.

      We spoke very briefly about the existence of a combo with Reap What’s Sown and Summons of Chaos (or something like that) before that hits the alternate win condition. I’m just not really interested in bomb-dropping decks with the Undead (which is rich, since I did have a bit of fun with End Times).

      1. bitva

        Any discussion elsewhere about what’s supposed to happen with the NOT-Shaven-unit cards pulled from the top of the deck via Vermintide? Do they go to discard, shuffled into the deck, placed back on top? Do I get to choose the order in which they rest if back to the top of the deck? It seems more clear to me that he Clanrat Clawleader cards come from hand despite the card not saying so, but Vermintide could really be interpreted any way in my opinion.

        1. Virgo

          In the next polish FAQ we will probably add this:
          27 Vermintide
          Should read: “Destruction only. Action: Search top X cards of your deck for any number of Skaven units and put each unit into play (in any zone). X is the number of corrupted units you control. Shuffle the deck.”


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