Episode 24: Slann Dunk

We’re back! Apparently, a whole year has passed since the last episode. Therefore it’s no surprise that we’ve got a bunch of news, cool stuff, and not-so-cool stuff for you. We also talk a bit about metagaming at multiplayer tournaments, and we finally get started on our card-by-card discussion of Hidden Kingdoms. We begin by checking out the wood of the elves and other people’s lizards.


Click below for stuff we mention this episode:


It's never too late for Invasion!

It’s never too late for Invasion!



Since he is a chicken, please consider this …


… and this and use your imagination. At your own risk.


Finally, check out these neutral capitals by meggypeggs (click for larger versions):










36 thoughts on “Episode 24: Slann Dunk

  1. Virgo

    Ruination of Cities – it costs 4 with Plunderer 😉
    Stalemate – one of the worst cards in the game :/

  2. wilk

    Hey, about the FAQ. Tomorrow, polish distributor will announce that our FAQ 3.0 is legitimate and will be played in official tournaments. The thing is that in Poland every week there is like 5-7 tournaments in different cities and around 10-16 (sometimes up to 20+) people are playing in each one of them. So for polish community having FAQ that will be official for everybody is important. Second of all, we have regional tournaments every 2-3 months that gather from 30 to 60 players (with occasional tournaments of 80+ like European Championship – 103 players), and so we need the rules to be widely applied. And we managed to do so. I will be happy to send you report from how the FAQ is doing, you don’t have to base your opinions only on Kaine’s tournament (which is kinda strange, that you have whole polish community to test and you just mentioned one local tournament in Germany).

    1. Torsten Post author

      We didn’t say we’d base our opinions on that one tournament. And I don’t think it’s strange to mention that someone outside Poland is going to use Polish houserules. Everybody knows you have tournaments in Poland, and naturally you’re going to use your FAQ there, no need to point that out.

      1. gr4ffi

        Hey Wilk, i would like you to know, that the attitude towards the polish FAQ given in this podcast is not representative for the german comunity. I think that a bigger part of the german comunity is really interested in the development of the FAQ 3.0+ and wants to contribute in order to create something that can be used past the borders of poland.

        Also personally i am aware of the fact that the polish comunity is already working on a potential continuitation of Warhammer Invasion trying to create new cards and stuff. This is great news and should not be ignored like this. If such a project can be started, it can only happen in poland! It would be nice to have some Invasion podcast report more about such stuff… you know the freaking future of WHI 😉

        1. Gnomeschool

          “If such a project can be started, it can only happen in poland!”

          Why do you think so?
          I’m interested in the development of FAQ and new cards in general – but I really don’t care from where they come (as long as they’re good).
          For me the decision which FAQ or card pool I’ll use totally depends on the quality of that FAQ or card pool.
          I don’t think the polish community will be the only one to create their own things.

          1. Goldherz

            I think most important is, that the community stands together. Else the little life-spark the game has through the community will burn down. Poland has the most active players … so its the right way to look what they do and deal with it.

            To ignore it is just another step to the dead of whi.

            1. Daniel

              Listen, guys, no one is ignoring anything. I said we have to see how the worldwide community adopts the Polish Community FAQ because no one can force anyone to use it. It isn’t really our place on the podcast to say “Everyone should adopt this FAQ, so go and do so, for it is the future and we will show you the way”, and even if we did say that it doesn’t mean people will. We don’t represent Canada or Germany or a community at all, but that should be obvious because anyone who claims to represent any community is likely self-appointed , possibly delusional, and most certainly not speaking for all. That’s why we have to wait and see who adopts the FAQ regardless of how we might personally feel about it.

              Wilk’s original point about tournament attendance is important. What happens if people lose interest in Poland too? Say in July a new LCG gets launched, and people lose interest in Invasion, then what? All of a sudden do the good players in Poland become less important voices to listen to? Of course not. What keeps the game “alive” is people willing to invest their own time into projects. No one is outright dissing the idea of a new FAQ. Torsten said he was uninterested because he hasn’t seen enough post-Hidden Kingdoms tournament play with the official FAQ. I said we will wait and see what happens with it.

              To say that there are lots of tournaments in Poland using that FAQ makes sense. The Polish community has adopted house rules in the past as well and unilaterally implemented them because, presumably, the Polish players wanted that. That’s a sign of a healthy tournament scene. But to claim that because there are more tournaments in Poland than anywhere else doesn’t really make an FAQ from that community more or less legitimate than any other FAQ. (In fact, the exercise of branding an FAQ probably doesn’t help uptake either.) For me, what happens in Poland has little effect on my Warhammer Invasion playing experience. That’s not a bad thing or a good thing, it’s just a function of distance. However, if something gets taken up by every community then maybe it is in the best interest of my group to take up the FAQ too.

              All I was saying was we will wait and see how it goes and whether player communities in other places adopt this particular FAQ as the one to use. That process will likely be an organic one as opposed to a top-down decree that this is the rule set everyone is to use. If everyone uses it, great! If no one uses it, that’s too bad for the people who wrote it. If it is only used in the country it originated in, well, then that’s not really widespread is it? I get it that people care about this issue and throwing opinions out there is a good idea. I don’t think that our opinions or perceived lack of coverage will fracture the tiny community of interested parties who comment on Warhammer Invasion topics online or are willing to play with community content after the game is officially canceled.

              1. Virgo

                I will just say this: if meta in your region is totally fine there is no need to use “restrictions/errata” part of our FAQ. You can just look up some answers and card clarifications 😉

              2. gr4ffi

                I did not say that everyone should adopt this FAQ. I just felt some lack of interest and coverage here. It felt like you were talking this down in 2 minutes like it was nothing of the slightest importance at all. Of course you can stay neutral on this and wait how the whole thing will develope. You can also talk about what you want and maybe this is only my opinion now:
                But a Warhammer Invasion podcast should show some more interest in the biggest tournament comunity there is and keep an eye on projects that may save this game you love.

                Goldherz is right. Anywhere else, there is not enough activity to produce a bigger project. The polish guys are superior in number and ambition. Also comunities got to stick together in times like this. If everyone starts doing their own FAQ or even cards, WHI won’t live another year. Poland has the best base for fan projects and that is why iam trying to get some kind of cooperation going.

                1. Gnomeschool

                  May he is. Maybe he’s not. I can’t tell.
                  I agree that FAQ accepted by everyone would be best case for the game.
                  I just don’t think it’s possible. Because of different metas, player types, and expectations in FAQ and the future of the game in general.
                  So I except some people to play with FFG rules for the rest of their lifes and others to do their own FAQ. I don’t say I don’t trust in the polish community doing a good FAQ. I just don’t think they’re the only ones.

                  I’ll pick whatever seems best to me, together with my playing group. At the moment that is official FFG ruling.
                  And if there is a tournament with other rules I’m okay with playing other rules then. That won’t stop me from participating.

                  1. gr4ffi

                    We will use the FFG FAQ too of course. But we know it can’t be perfect forever. Your view in honour, but there might be players out there that don’t like to change their decks for every tournament. 🙁

                    1. Virgo

                      (somehow I can’t reply to meggypegs’ post)
                      It’s funny meggypeggs how you are more upset about the results than people who actually participated in the tournament 😀 Whole FAQ team was present and here are the places:
                      1 Virgo
                      2 Stach
                      3 drumdaar
                      8 przemo
                      9 Wilk
                      15 Jaszczur
                      20 Boreas

  3. gertat

    Thanks meggypeggs for the great neutral capitalboards.
    Really really nice.
    Cant waits to print them out and test my new Wood Elf deck

    1. meggypeggs

      Thank you,

      I intend to create another set of four with domain images (rather than units) to match the other 6 boards.


  4. gertat

    Have a rulequestion about the Lizardmen card you talked about in your podcast.

    Chameleon Stalker

    If I understod you right you said that it cant be killed.
    But the card says that it cant be assigned damage on your battlefield phase.
    It doesnt say that it cant be assigned damage in the opponents battlefield phase. So if you defend with it it dies.

    Or have got your comment wrong?

    1. Torsten Post author

      My battlefield phase, your battlefield phase … shouldn’t all battlefield phases belong to everyone? Or maybe you’re right.

    2. Daniel

      You are correct Gertat, the Chameleon Stalker dies on defense. Dies like a stupid 1HP sucker. Dies in a ditch, friendless and alone, while the attacking Wood Elves run rampant over its corpse. It dies, and with it, the dreams of everyone who voted for the Lizardmen as the strongest neutral faction. Death comes to the Chameleon Stalker, as it comes for us all, but sooner for the Chameleon Stalker due to it having only 1HP. It dies a sad death, in the shadow of some lame pyramid. Death! DEATH!!!

      1. Gert Gustafsson

        Hahaha a lot of death there.
        We (I and my brohter) ask a lot rules questions becuase we use it as a tiebreaker.
        Play more and fight less about the rules

  5. meggypeggs

    Just a quick comment (and more thought than tested) but with multiplayer games tending to playout too fast, has anyone ever tried using one less Fulcrum than the number of players in play not adding anymore Fulcrums?

    May lead to longer games, more chance of burning zones and gives the player with the Player token that more power. Our games last 5 turns if that!

    Just a thought so no beatings please 🙂

    1. Gnomeschool

      Well, that’s the official ruling. You play with one Fulcrum less than there are players.

      Or did I get you wrong?

      1. Junglecat

        That’s how I remember it. One less fulcrum than the number of players. I think it’d be lousy with more than that.

        1. meggypeggs


          We have been classing Fulcrums channeled as not in play.

          Take my original post and throw it to the dogs. Sorry chaps.

          1. Gnomeschool

            Well I think it is interesting that you came to the same conclusion as the developer. Means you’re awesome. 🙂

  6. gertat

    I think multiplayer is really fun to play.
    The games we played have lasted for an hour.
    The player that brakes and takes the first fulcrum goes to the leda but then It’s gang up on taking him down.
    Usally it s a misstake that lets a player win.

  7. meggypeggs

    i am genuinely pleased for you virgo and the polish faq members that you are making changes and enjoyingthe game. you guys are enjoying the faq you have created and thats all that matters. i have my own opinions on the polish faq which i will keep to my self. hope you continue to have fun over there with it.

  8. sammann11

    Well, seeing as how the Kansas City meta consists of…just me – to my knowledge 🙂 – I have no clue as to how this new Polish FAQ will “rate”. Guess I’ll find out in Louisville in a few days

    I also was happy about Warpstone Excavation being “playable” again.

    Sad that Crone Hellbron and Pleasure cults can’t be in the same deck though.


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