Episode 23: Meeting the Maker

Good news, everyone! We finally managed to have a chat with international man of mystery and game designer extraordinaire Eric M. Lang. This very promising young man had many interesting things to say about the creation of Warhammer: Invasion – with fascinating details such as the real reasons Bretonnia isn’t a faction (Spoiler: he blames video games! And math.), if he wanted combo decks to be competitive, and how Invasion almost was all about indirect damage – game design in general, alternate universes without magic Magic, his interest in ways to release chemicals in the brain (it’s a Canadian thing), and much, much more. Check it out!


8 thoughts on “Episode 23: Meeting the Maker

  1. sammann11

    Great episode, guys. There was so much science and math going on – dopamine triggers, nothing more advanced than (only) trig, etc… I felt stupid 😉

    But it was a great episode, really cool stuff involved that I hadn’t thought of before. Keep ’em coming!

  2. Gnomeschool

    I’d really like to know which cards Eric Lang was thinking of when he mentioned those “best cards” of the first cycle that were not strong enough.

  3. bitva

    Very interesting stuff in there! I bought Chaos in the Old World with WH: I at Gencon ’09. A friend who did not go tried WH: I with me when I got back, and kept asking me to bring it every weekend. I ended up getting hooked that way. The guys I went to Gencon with played Chaos in the Old World without me one day. They kept wanting to play it, and every time they did, I was not around. So I bought two Warhammer games that year; one I played for four years straight and counting, the other is still in its shrink wrap with the WH: Age of Reckoning promotional sticker on it.

  4. kaine

    Thanks for mentioning the Louisville Long Winter (aka: Loot Blowout) Tournament!

    Below is a link to the forum post, we have people coming from as far away as kansas city so far! I know Mallumo joked this may be the biggest North American tournament ever, but he might be right. Our goal is 20 with Louisville and Indianapolis attendance, but if we get more people from out of town we may be able to beat GenCon 2013’s record of 30!



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