Episode 22: It ain’t over until the fat Orc sings

We’re back! With our shortest episode yet. There really wasn’t much to talk about, but we do of course cover all the important stuff: Canadian politics, forbidden love … oh, and yeah, something happened with Invasion too.


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9 thoughts on “Episode 22: It ain’t over until the fat Orc sings

  1. bitva

    I hope FFG responds to Torsten’s questions regarding errata and FAQ updates. I suppose it’s possible that the Games Workshop license is coming due for expiration, so GW perhaps didn’t tell FFG to stop this or stop that, and they’re just winding things down before they allow the license to expire. You can see in their holiday sale that WHFRP stuff is on sale, as is at least one of the WH40K role playing items. Diskwars could simply be a “do something with the license before we let it go” project, much like the World Of Warcraft Adventure Board Game was before the Blizzard license ran out.

    I also wouldn’t jump over to a WH40K LCG; first of all I don’t like 40K, not only because of what it is, but I just don’t like Science Fiction in general; never understood why Sci Fi gets lumped together with Fantasy. I DID get WH:I when it was released at GenCon 2009 due to the theme; I was playing Warhammer Fantasy Roleplaying 2nd Edition and was having fun with it, plus the HeroQuest Connection made me interested in the Warhammer setting. I had not played any LCG before that time. If it was released as WH 40K the LCG… I think I could safely say that I would never have played an LCG to this day.

    The point about casual players being the glut of owners of this LCG and its expansions is likely very true; the only Invasion tournament I played in was the very first one; the release tournament at Gencon 2009. Eric Lang was present for it and presided over it, with various players coming to him between games to say what they thought was “broken”. It was an interesting experience, but I the end, felt I’d rather be walking the dealers floor than putting that time into a tournament. Certainly not enough players where I live to do a tournament, and not sure I’d want to enter one.

    There is, of course, the chance that there will be a WH:I LCG 2nd Edition…. I’m pretty sure just about everything FFG has made will be rehashed into a 2nd Edition now. That’s been the trend for the past 2-3 years now.

  2. Kirath

    I don’t think there will be any new LCGs in the near future, especially no SciFi ones. SW and Netrunner are imho those “new” LCGs, that caused Invasion’s decline.

  3. bitva

    I don’t know if there’s any way to know this, but was there a decline in sales of Warhammer: Invasion after those two were released? I suppose people could have jumped from Warhammer to those, but was the game already in decline when the latest LCGs were released, or were sales increasing for Warhammer until BAM! Two new LCGs (Sci Fi LCGs, which people were clamoring for)?

    We may never know.

  4. meggypeggs

    Our loyal group of three several months ago is now an impressive seven and we will get a photo together when we all meet up on the first Friday in January.

    Additionally I have heard similar things that with the LCG coming to an end, more people are interested in jumping on to the bandwagon as it now seems it is a complete set.

    I see this as a positive (from the many negatives we have had over the past few weeks) as we have a huge pool of cards to play with anyhow and should see more creative decks being constructed and more importantly more people playing.

    It seems newcomers thought that W:I was an endless stream of expansions which may have been quite daunting.

    Two questions:
    Does anyone consider any of the HK cards treacherous for Cataclysm multiplayer? I played a Vampire deck on Friday (5 players) and won based on attaching an attachment (apologies forgot the name) where it received +1 for every card in your opponents hands (which incidentally was 24). This Vampire singlehandedly fought off 4 players in one turn to win next turn. This could though have been because we played 5 players, however I reckon the number could be similar in 4 player games depending on decks being played…

    Secondly which forum(s) does everyone use (in regards to W:I)?
    Has Winvasion thought about creating their own forum specifically for devoted W:I fans to communicate?

    p.s. Torsten, I did read your Lizardman deck/article (and put it together as a fun deck)…

  5. bitva

    Reading today’s preview of Warhammer Disk Wars shoots my proposed possibility that the GW license term is coming to an end and FFG chose not to renew; it’s basically stated that Warhammer Disk Wars is slated for multiple expansions.

    Hey FFG; you can totally save on continuing to develop Invasion; just recycle all the art you commission for Disk Wars to use for Invasion, just like you used art commissioned for Invasion for a lot of Disk wars units!

    1. Virgo

      The fact that they said there will be exapnsions means nothing 😛
      They said all World Champions got to design a card and look how that turned out.

  6. bitva

    Very true. It’s just a marketing ploy to get you to buy Disk Wars and then they’ll announce they were just kidding about expansions 🙂

  7. sammann11

    Torsten – where can I find the article on your Lizardman build? I couldn’t fin it on the FFG site. Did I miss it?


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