Episode 21: There and Back Again

Good news, everyone! There’s some exciting content in this episode: Torsten talks about furniture. It’s really interesting. Unfortunately, you’ll also have to put up with all the dull stuff. Like the two of us trying to fill Gnomeschool’s tiny, tiny shoes as rules lawyers, get you up to speed on the news, and most of all Daniel boring you with his stupid stories about his lame trip to the Whateverwhat in Whocareswhere. But come on, this episode has chairs! So you gotta listen to it.



And you should send an e-mail to FFG and ask them to please set up more streaming channels for the next World Championship Weekend.

Also, check out one of the Top Ten decks of the world. Of all time. Only nine decks have ever been better than this. Nine decks, Damon Stone, and chairs.

12 thoughts on “Episode 21: There and Back Again

  1. Gnomeschool

    Again, thanks for that contest, guys! (And for the second chance to enter it ;))
    Hope they can manage to have their chairs sign it as well. 🙂

    When looking on other cards that reads “in any corresponding zone”, I feel like no way that this means in EVERY zone (Doom Bull, Warhounds, Wight Lord…). I think that just has been a mistake by the judge.
    But it would be much better, if it would read “in target corresponding zone”. Of course, on these targeting cards like Doom bull that seems to be kind of clearer anyway.

    The other rules question about toxic hydra is indeed very unclear, I’d say.
    If units enter that zone later should be affected of that too, I assume the action to be like this:
    “Until the end of the turn, each unit in any corresponding zone gets -2 hit points.” Syntax is important after all. But yeah, it really isn’t clear. I think, creating a constant effect affecting later units here, is not intuitional.

    Otherwise, Veteran Greatsword would get power for units that enters his zone later and the Slayer Oath would give power for units that enters the discard pile later. And I really don’t think it is supposed to be like this.

    As for draft… don’t think it really needs these packs for LCGs. As you said, you could do that easily by yourself. Tournament organizer just could pick a stack of cards that you’ll use for draft … and that’s it. Don’t feel like I’d spend money on cards I already have, if this would become avaible for Invasion.

    1. Virgo

      “shaft” XD
      HappyDD souned like a beast, beating up people who make fun of players 😀

      any =/ every
      any is one chosen
      Until it is specified in FAQ I don’t think people should play it otherwise.

      1. Charles

        yeah the any = every ruling makes very little sense. How does Hidden Sorceress work based on this ruling? Can I not trigger Hidden Sorceress unless my opponent also puts a token on one of my quests (even if I don’t have one)? Does any always mean all? Embers to Inferno? Gustav the Bear? Or does any only mean all when it refers to any corresponding zone? Just a lot of questions from that ruling. This also makes me wonder what “this corresponding zone” on cards like Bloodthirster means.

  2. gertat

    As for Cataclysm
    We have played a couple of 4 player cataclysm and one 3 player Cataclysm games.
    And found that i works really well and it lasted for about 1,5 hours every time.
    Ok we are casual players.
    Its a lot of fun

  3. meggypeggs

    Due to there only being 3 active players at our club, we play Cataclysm a majority of the time and can say our matches do not last longer than 30 mins. We tend to start off with 1 token to attempt to get in a few more turns/cards out.

    Our group is as casual as you can get!

  4. Hotbutton

    Congrats Gnomeschool, you are a worthy winner of the contest for your chair capital board alone!
    To Daniel and Torsten: Thanks for another great blog post! I loved the insight into the whole atmosphere of the World Championship Weekend. It’s great to hear people were that nice.

    1. Virgo

      Hah, rulings weren’t the strongest point of this Championships (judge not knowing about racial villages errata…)

  5. Sanitöter


    “The Final Reinforcements

    The release of the Hidden Kingdoms deluxe expansion marks the end of FFG’s development of new content for Warhammer: Invasion The Card Game. Its new legends and units lead the game to an exciting balance between ten playable races, and they will be the game’s final reinforcements.

    Over the past four years of publication, Warhammer: Invasion has grown from the Core Set to include five deluxe expansions, thirty-six Battle Packs, and dynamic rules for multiplayer Cataclysm games. This wealth of content provides a great, robust experience for new and veteran players alike, and it allows the game to stand on its own as a complete collection that players can explore and enjoy.

    Now, we conclude our development of the game with pride in what we have accomplished. This also means that Organized Play for Warhammer: Invasion will come to a close with the current Season Three 2013 Game Night Kits. Still, we know know fans will continue to enjoy the game, and the Core Set and its expansions will remain in print. Players will be able to lead their favorite armies into the Old World’s many battle at any time.

    We believe that Hidden Kingdoms is a strong conclusion to the game. It now allows players to field new armies built from four of their favorite Warhammer races, and we feel its final reinforcements add a tremendous depth to the game that should make it a rich and rewarding experience for years to come.”


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