Episode 20: Brave New Worlds

We’re back! And we’re feeling old, now that we’ve turned 20. The big 2 changes everything. We have bought motorcycles and started hitting on younger women. We’ve also gotten sentimental about the games of our youth. And while Torsten especially dwells on the distant past, reliving his glory days at the Essen Spiel fair ten days ago, Daniel looks to the far future, the World Championship Weekend later this week. We also check out the Corb Polybog preview, once again deliver an impressive analysis of modern art, discuss the state of the game some more, and we talk about popular video game character Kyle Starsnuggle and the man he is based on, Eric M. Lang. Finally, Torsten has found a way to score free coke, and Daniel picks a fight with the toughest Invasion community of the world.


2 thoughts on “Episode 20: Brave New Worlds

  1. Gnomeschool

    I think there definitely is a similarity of Timothy Lyon to Carstein’s victim but it’s not that big that it couldn’t be just random.

    Funny thing is that I never recognized that line on Carstein where it is said that the card was designed by Timothy Lyons. In fact I was quite sure they only forgot it on german version until I checked my cards.

    Now I want to play Carstein again. Going to throw him in my multiplayer deck.


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