Episode 2: We don’t need another hero

Your feedback has been so great, we thought about resigning after the first episode because it couldn’t get any better for us. So we were talking about that, and then we started talking about Invasion, and at some point somebody hit the record button, and now here we are again. With a new episode that introduces some hopefully recurring segments. We have some follow-ups to the first episode, talk about the poll result, combo decks, Chaos, the Empire and the Dwarfs, the lack of heroes in the current cycle, multiplayer Invasion, decks using Shield of Aeons and Descendant of Gods, and we take a look back at The Skavenblight Threat.

Also, someone says “fuck”.

Right at the start of the episode, we mention Gnomeschool’s great DIY capital boards. Pictures say more than a thousand words in this case, so please see below for examples of the finished boards and everything you need to create them yourself. And don’t forget to check out Gnomeschool’s DeviantArt page.



(click for larger versions)

Bet now that you’ve seen them you’ll want to get some yourself. Well, it’s easy. Just follow these instructions. You can get this PDF (56 MB) with images you can use, or this PSD file (375 MB) for use with Photoshop with an even larger selection. If you don’t have Photoshop, you can get a free copy of Photoshop CS2 on Adobe’s web site.

These boards will turn out a little smaller than the official ones:


Many thanks to Gnomeschool for creating and sharing this! If you like these boards, if you use them yourself, please let him know and show him your appreciation.

15 thoughts on “Episode 2: We don’t need another hero

  1. mutineer

    Again, great podcast guys. I came here yesterday with intention to listen to first 20 minutes or so, but i stayed for the whole show. Great job. As for the devoted to tall combo i will only say one thing – “that shit cray”:)

    As for the capital boards, the one presented are amazing, I simply looooove them and I’ll make them ASAP.

    Keep on the good fight boys!

  2. Hotbutton

    Hey guys! Thanks again for another great episode!

    Thumbs up for the beautiful capital boards from gnomeschool. I will definitely try to build my own soon! Even if some of my favourite artworks are included in the pdf (like the tainted well, which will be my new chaos-board 😉 ), I’d love to have a look at the larger selection in the psd-file. Problem is, I only own Photoshop Elements. So gnomeschool, would it be possible to upload another psd-file where the images aren’t sorted into groups? Elements-owners won’t be able to look at all the pictures otherwise. Thanks!

    I really liked the deck workshop. I’ve seen the Alith Anar + Shield of Aeons + Descendant of Gods combo in action (thanks, Torsten 😉 ) and it was devastating. It kind of reminds me of an infinite loop, though. Being invulnerable to combat damage equals – in most cases – an instant win. At least I felt like that as an opponent, as I didn’t include burn it down or any similar card into my deck and indirect damage wasn’t an option, too.

    Keep up the good work! I’m looking forward to the next episode, poll and whatever else you guys come up with!

    1. Gnomeschool

      Thanks you.
      Good idea. For all who can’t use Photoshop CS2 (avaible only for Windows 2000/XP I think), I’ll create a file without folders this weekend.

      1. Hotbutton

        That’s great news! Thanks a lot for all your effort! Btw, you should promote your capital boards a bit more in the heidelbaer-forum. I completely missed them there and probably wouldn’t have found them without the winvasion podcast. So what about putting an info/link into your signature or promoting it on one of the main-forums? 😉

          1. Hotbutton

            Thanks so much, works perfectly now. Great artworks in there, looking forward to building some new boards soon 😉

  3. Gnomeschool

    Nice podcast again!
    As for the “Norse Marauders”, I think, they could be very strong questing on “Wolves of the North”.

    And I’d like to see your dwarf deck using “Shield of Aeons” and “Descendant of Gods” in action, cause I’ve played one too for the last months. Though, I think my version was a little bit too slow. Was using “Heroic Task” for the “Dwarf Adventurer”.

    1. Daniel

      The T-Man is working behind the scenes, pulling the strings, bribing officials, and doing whatever else gets podcasts onto this thing you people keep calling “iTunes”. Apparently they have the internet on computers now…

  4. Torsten Post author

    Your boards look great, guys! Mutineer, the download works fine here, what kind of problem are you having?

  5. mutineer

    Turns out I had problems with net connection – I’ve downloaded it on another computer, it’s all right:)

  6. Gnomeschool

    I tried a deck using “Shield of Aeons” + “Descendant of Gods” + new high elf legend today, and it turned out to be very frustrating for my opponent. I was cancelling all his efforts to destroy my “Descendant of Gods” with my “Mage of loec”, and milled him slowly with “Infiltrate!”.

    I think it is similar to these infinite combos, when playing against it, because there isn’t much you can do against it. Maybe it is even worse. At least, an infinite loop finishes the game, so you don’t have to suffer for long. ; )

    So, personally, I don’t like it very much.
    This is the deck I was playing:


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