Episode 17: Got Wood?

Good news, everyone! We’re back, and we’re sporting wood. Which means … there’s a Wood Elves preview, and we talk about it. What did you think? We also bring you news and not-really-news, speculate about LCGs going digital, talk some more about DIYMPRBLs, and also about the new Game Night Kits and alternative play formats. Then we totally skip over Daniel’s Road to Worlds and just look back at Bleeding Sun and the Enemy Cycle.



2 thoughts on “Episode 17: Got Wood?

  1. gr4ffi

    Hey Torsten, you know, in one of your next episodes you could actually make a feature on the german championship with your personal impressions, game reports and all 😉
    Or what about “Torsten’s road to GC”? THAT is going to be awesome!

    Nice podcast once again. Keep up the good work.

  2. sammann11

    You are right, Torsten. I was blissfully unaware of the Bronies. Now thanks to Daniel my world is just turned upside-down (though I have managed to keep my curiosity in check enough that I haven’t ventured onto youtube and learned the ponies’ names…).


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