Episode 15: Something, something, cards

Good news, everyone! There are no news. Which is good, I mean, have you watched the news lately? There’s just one important thing: The hero’s journey has come to an end. Brad joins us on the show. Turns out, he’s a scholar and a gentleman. He brought an exclusive spoiler with him – Ariel, the Wood Elf legend – and talked about FFG, game design, Hidden Kingdoms, and the future. But mostly about dinosaurs. And Damon Stone. The D-Rex. All in all, it’s a very tight and punchy episode. You should listen to it:


Oh, and you should take photos. Or make pictures. Or edit them. Basically, anything visual works. And you should send them to us, so that we can see what makes Brad laugh the most, and who wins a signed copy of Hidden Kingdoms!

2 thoughts on “Episode 15: Something, something, cards

  1. Virgo

    Invasion extremely popular in Europe? I think you meant in Poland 😛

    Printer friendly version of FAQ – “in consideration”. Seriously? :/
    Just copy paste new stuff into old printer friendly version…

    Also the longer I listen to you guys the more laugh I have from Daniel’s reactions, strange noises and laughing even if the joke wasn’t funny. Keep it up 😀


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