Episode 14: Frequently Unasked Questions

We’re back! And we ask all the tough, uncomfortable, slightly moist questions: When will Brad get here? How does the Worlds schedule fit into your personal life plan? How is Daniel going to win the World Championship? What is the appropriate size and number of beds for a hotel room? Did you only just get the Corruption Cycle in your country? What does Tom Vasel think he’s doing, talking to the creator of OUR game? Will Eric M. Lang come on our show? What’s up with the latest FAQ update? And the tournament rules? Have people been faking it? Will selling Invasion playmats on eBay allow you to pay back your mortgage? Why does Torsten’s only fan get to be on the show and Daniel’s many fans don’t? Is that really Torsten’s fan you keep hearing, or is it sexy heavy breathing? Is the fan a groupie? Could a short story about Wilhelm and Friedrich be turned into the greatest buddy cop movie ever? Like, Lethal Medieval Weapon? Should you buy Redemption of a Mage? If you already have, should you get rid of it? These and more questions, and maybe even some answers, all in one episode! Plus: The truth about Malekith, investigated and revealed live on the show!


Click below for stuff we mention this episode:


FFG’s World Championship Weekend schedule (PDF)

Tournament software for Invasion

Interview with Eric M. Lang at Board Game University

14 thoughts on “Episode 14: Frequently Unasked Questions

  1. SenhorDeTodoOMal

    I don’t think there is portuguese translation, the english version takes a while to get here, I just got Ruinous Hordes and Days of Blood.

  2. Kaine82

    I know I posted Wurrzag is dead in all my post, but really I meant that flavor of Wurrzag. After looking at the cards in Cataclysm, I feel Orc Wurrzag Rush and Dark Elf hand manipulation are definitely the 2 strongest deck at the moment.

  3. Equlan

    Speaking from personal experience here: I don’t think there is much of an Invasion scene at all. I live in the country’s second largest city, we have essentially one game store and they don’t stock any Invasion except the core set. They have stores in 2-3 other cities and even on their webpage they stock only… maybe 10 battlepacks and several of those are from the first cycle. No expansions or even the starter set when I last checked a few minutes ago.
    I’ve imported all the battlepacks and expansions I have from Amazon.co.uk or Bookdepository.com.

    Really loving the podcast, I’ve heard all your episodes in the last 2-3 weeks while biking to work. Entertaining and informative. I’ve only started to really play Invasion in the same time period, although I’ve played occasionally with just the starter set for the last two years.

    Also: The long runtime is perfectly fine by me. I listen to it while getting to and from work and in the gym (even if I’m running around grinning like a moron while doing so…), works great for me.

  4. Wilk

    @Equlan – in Poland, we have local scenes and national one, so things differ from country to country.

    @Kaine82 – I strongly agree, Wurrzag and hand control rule for now. But there is still End Times…

    @ Thorsten and Daniel – about tournament organizing.

    I am local T.O and I am planning to organize regional tournament next year in Warsaw. And not playing for me is not about the prizes or worlds (I couldn’t even afford ticket, so yeah – as far as worlds are concerned, strongest WHI community is out of the picture). But it is the playing that matters, and I don’t quite understand that Thorsten cannot understand 🙂

    You say I can play Invasion every day. Well, that’s not true – with job, housework and other hobbies I have time to play two times a week. I spend a lot of time on the forum and thinking about decks, I have WHI blog and I am active community member. So when regional tournament is on the horizon and 30 to 50 (sometimes even a 100) people come from all over the Poland I would like to play in it. It’s big thing in polish WHI world, there is always rivarly atmosphere around it and simply not playing is shitty option.

    Last time we had regional for 30-something people and judges were playing: there were like 10 situations during the whole tournament that needed to be clarify and they did good job. One of them came in second in tournament. And imagine that T.O, judge and second judge are not playing: it would be often the situation where 3 very good players are not participating in tournament. So all in all, in my opinion, the simple fact of not playing the game can be an argument against new regulation. I hope I made my arguments clear:)

    1. Daniel

      I think a lot of people feel the same way. Hopefully there will be more information made available soon clarifying what FFG wants from their TOs beyond simply not playing in their own event.

    2. Equlan

      I should perhaps clarify, I just meant to say that my impression is that there isn’t much of an Invasion scene in Denmark specifically. Not in general.

      And of course me experience and knowledge is very limited, since I basically judge it on one (major) Danish retailer’s lack of stocking the game.

  5. Torsten Post author

    Thanks for calling in from Portugal and Denmark, guys. No word from Australia. I told Daniel that place is not real, like Atlantis, but he wouldn’t listen.

    Wilk, I don’t think I said I don’t understand why people would care about playing when it’s something special, like in your case, with a lot more people showing up than usual. I totally get why it would be important to participate as a player then. I was thinking of situations like Daniel’s, when it’s the same small group of people you see every week. Then, and especially if you don’t care about qualifying for a bigger tournament and/or the loot, I don’t think it’s a big sacrifice.

    1. Equlan

      I think you’re right about Australia. It’s just some boogeyman invented to scare Warhammer players and video game players with horror stories of the high prices and censorship they’ll be afflicted with if they don’t behave.


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