Episode 12: Neutralize this!

We’re back! With good news, everyone! It’s Canada Day! Or it was, depending on your time zone. And when you’re reading this. Might have been a while since Canada Day. A holiday the two of us, on average, feel neutral about. And putting it mildly, we’re also neutral about the fact there have been no real news regarding Cataclysm and Hidden Kingdoms. We still talk about them though. And about pirates. To make up for that, next episode will feature ninjas, because we would like to remain neutral on that issue. We also rules lawyer the Tunnel Fighter, and it turns out that from a neutral perspective, that’s one messed up card. And we look back at March of the Damned, which was full of, wouldn’t you know it, neutrals. Unfortunately they weren’t very good. Or evil. Or lawful. Or chaotic. Just, you know, neutral. Whatever.


4 thoughts on “Episode 12: Neutralize this!

  1. Daniel

    Whoops, the current Governor General of Canada is an old man! Just goes to show how little anyone cares about the Governor General, since I speak for everyone.

  2. kaine

    The Tunnel Fight thing makes be afraid to take my dwarf deck to GenCon. It is probably my strongest right now. I really hope they update the FAQ again before then.

  3. bitva

    I don’t think we have to worry about post-HK expansions being watered out with only a couple cards for each of 10 factions; even if FFG decided to give equal support to all ten races in terms of number of cards, the “gray” races would still be far behind due to the six loyalty races having far and away more cards in the current pool. At this point it’s probably impossible for the “gray” races to catch up in terms of card count in the overall card pool.

    Rather, I think by “fully playable”, FFG means that someone playing, say, a Lizardmen deck should be able to compete with someone using a Loyalty Capital. There won’t be the number of card options, but a “gray” race doesn’t have to worry about loyalty, and now have a benefit for using their capital, rather than the mitigation effect the loyalty races have on theirs. I think that they also mean HK will initiate a shift from these “gray” races being most effective as supporting cards for loyalty race decks and perhaps more effective in their own decks with loyalty race cards playing a supporting role in those decks.

  4. Hotbutton

    Even if it is badly delayed, Happy Canada Day to all Canadians out there! 😉 Great episode again, guys. Really looking forward to you having Brad on the show, soon. You have already proved that your interviewing skills are top-notch in the episode in which you had Lukas Litzsinger on, so that episode will be awesome.


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