Episode 10: Your resources or your life!

Good news, everyone! We’ve made it to the tenth episode. It has cost us blood, sweat, and tears, has ruined relationships, eardrums, and the economies of several countries, but here we are. It was worth it.

In this extra large episode with fries and a cherry on top we talk about jumping jack decks, rules lawyer Gathering the Winds, introduce our daring new section Deviant Lifestyles, and talk about our pet peeves. We also check out the latest Cataclysm preview, look back at The Fall of Karak Grimaz, reveal the great Call of Cthulhu scandal ignored by all the Cthulhu podcasts, and provide exclusive in-depth coverage of what some of the most respected names in Warhammer: Invasion podcasting consider to be the tournament that defined the worldwide meta for decades to come.

… and more!


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Xantur’s OCTGN plugin, the (German) translation request, and the translations file.

Daniel’s and Torsten’s Dark Elf End Times decks.

10 thoughts on “Episode 10: Your resources or your life!

  1. wilk

    See, the thing with your deck Daniel is that it stands no chance untill you draw end times. So for me there is no difference between this, and brainless combo. You only put what you can in quest zone and hope to draw the one card that you need. I like you saying that if it wouldn’t be a tournament you would stop playing this deck cause it is no fun. I agree – for me, it’s hard to understand how someone can take joy and pride from playing such decks. but cool that you checked it out, wasn’t boring to play?

    As for your coverage of Calgary Regionals, I would like to ask if you plan to do some coverage of European Championships or this ship has sailed? If you record podcast through skype you could invite someone to speak about the biggest tournament in the world:)

    Love the show, keep it up!

  2. wilk

    Sorry for the double post, but I have commented before listening to your “Look back at the battlepack” segment and I just have to share:)

    1. Daniel, don’t take this wrong, you are great in the podcast and toky-tokes (this is how you write it down?:)) made my day, but lot of your comments on the cards are in my opinion just the effect of the fact, that you don’t practically have meta in your region. Regionals for 5 people (cute:)) and home games for around that number are reason for the lack of perspective on the cards. I don’t say that just “for hate” but to make you stop and think about some cards in broader perspective. For example, you were surprised that Thorsten thinks that Beastmen Incursion will be selected from restricted list. Of course it will be and I see it nearly every week on our tournaments (around 14-18 people every week) played with successes. The second example is Grudgebearer. In certain type of deck it is really a great card sitting on New Trade Routs, protected by Church of Sigmar and Iron Discipline, while Runesmith Apprentice is rotting in the depths of card binders. Third example is Derricksburg Forge. I see it often in fast decks, that need economy more than control while you think this is not used. I am not surprised, because you just don’t have opportunity to see it with so closed meta, which isn’t your fault but you suffer from it. Last example is snotling invasion. I think you would change your mind playing against it when opponent is drawing 4-7 cards a turn and plays with ancient map, LW, Stunty Smasha, Rip Dere Eads of and Orc Warning Post. This really changes perspective. The game can be won by three spiders and three snotling invasions, show me another tandem that can kill you in two rounds starting from the first one. Once more, no offence, but remember that when you have regular tournaments and home games where all races are represented (and they vary in the builds within each race) you just have to think differently.

    2. As for the Long Winter, I think this is the best card in the game in terms of being able to be used in any deck for variety of purposes. Thorsten said, that he thinks there is no point on using it on yourself. Quite contrary, there are many reasons to do that. First, when you play dwarves and Ancestral Tomb puts something crucial into developement. Second, when opponent plays Rodrick and turn my preciuos little Mining Tunnels or One Orc’s Scrap or whatever into developement. Third, when you want to do trick with playing Dance to Loec once more in one round to put resources on Lore Seeker or to draw a card from Mining Tunnels or to play it in different zone or to rescue it when Chaos destroys it… Fourth, to get your Mage of Loec back after he succesfully saved my ass canceling something:) This is what quickly came to my mind. And I don’t even want to start on the use of it against opponent. It is great against all races in many situations. I have a plan to write whole entry about LW on my WHI blog:)

    3. I strongly agree with the troll vomit as a candidate for restriction – with Wurrzag it’s insane and even without it, very strong. I think that this card is the reason why pepole don’t want to play units with cost 3 or more. The same goes for Lore Seeker which is sick card and majority of the combos include him. Additionally, he is rarely played in Dwarves so something is definitely wrong with this card.

    4. The things I don’t like: I really don’t like when opponents do not take resources cause “they rememer hom much they have”. Firstly, they don’t often remember and secondly, I have to really pay attention to every card they play and count how much they have left. Hate that:)

    PS. Daniel, I hope you know that you can only play bash’em once a turn?:)
    PS2. Once more, Daniel, don’t take it the wrong way, it is all for the good of the podcast!:)

    1. Kirath

      It would be great if there was an english forum with an active community, like the one in the Netrunner section of BGG for example.

      Sadly the BGG and FF Forums are almost dead and most people hide their decks on deckbox.

      Anyway, I really hate it when people cut My Deck into several small piles. I don’t even know why but it pisses me off.

    2. Torsten Post author

      I did not say there is no point in using Long Winter on yourself.

      You can play and benefit from Bash ‘Em! multiple times per turn. This was clarified by Lukas a while ago. The “following the first battlefield phase” wording simply means the phase(s) gained from Bash ‘Em! will take place after your normal battlefield phase, not for example interrupt your capital phase if you play it then.

      1. Virgo

        Thanks for clarification on that, also it woulb be good to get answer about new “infinite loop”. I hope Lukas doesn’t give it a green light after the whole point of FAQ 2.0 was to get rid off such combos.

  3. kaine

    In my area mini-capital boards, dice, and acrylic burn tokens are used more than standard tokens and large boards.

    If we use tokens with mini-boards we add damage in stacks of 4.

  4. Virgo

    2 rules lawyering things:

    – You can’t play Raise Dead on Grimgor if you have one in play, because if you could he would come into play, TRIGGER HIS FORCED and get sacrificed immediately. That way you would have one Gimgor in play and use his forced second time. Unique cards rules are clearly there to prevent such shenanigans.

    – you can’t multiple Bash ‘Em! a turn because the additional battlefield phase occurs following the first battlefield phase this turn. There is only one first battlefield phase in a turn.

  5. magehammer

    My group’s only deviance from table craft is we use the red plastic gaming tokens sold by FFG as being worth 3 wounds to save space in the capital adds no units.

    And yes, in our group, we place zone damage initially on developments. However, after listening to your reasons for not doing that, I am going to re consider that particular practice.

  6. Gnomeschool

    Nice podcast again.
    I especially liked your conversation about the restricted list. And I would like to hear your opinion about something, that Daniel already mentioned: Urguck on that list.

    Of course, his combo should be banned in some kind of way. But personally I don’t like having Urguck and Fists of Mork on that list, because I used to play them together in self damage decks or odd number decks. A limited fists of Mork would be better, in my point of view.

    This way, I’d rather pick one Muster for War, for the reasos Torsten said. So, for me, there are dead cards again.

    As for token management: I glued some of my damage tokens together in groups of three (like this: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/18129815/IMG_9221.JPG). And all players I’ve met so far seem to like it.

    Pet peeves… hmmm.
    Well, it does not really bother me. But everytime my opponent plays his developments corrupted, there is something in me yelling “THIS IS WRONG”. Not, that I ever had a situation in game, where it was important.


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