Episode 1: Let’s ambush those raiders!

Here we go, the first episode. In which we talk about all the cards from the latest battle pack, Battle for the Old World, our impressions of new concepts introduced in the Eternal War cycle so far, Muster for War, Justin Bieber, imperial virgins, showy high elves, and berserkers who used to star in porn movies.


For those of you who don’t have the pack yet and want to know what the heck we’re talking about, here’s a spoiler list:

41: Wurrzag
Orc Legend
1/2/1 P, 3 HP
Forced: When this legend enters play, you must burn 3 zones instead of 2 in order to win for the rest of the game.
Action: When this legend attacks, play a non-Epic Spell Orc tactic from your hand for free.

42: Da Great Waaagh!
Orc Quest
Play in any opponent’s zone under your control.
When you assign combat damage to this zone, you may place any number of that combat damage on this quest instead.
Forced: When the 3rd damage token is placed here, sacrifice this quest to gain an additional battlefield phase this turn after the current battlefield phase.

43: Mob O’ Hutz
Orc Support
If you control a non-Orc card, sacrifice this card.

44: Ded Scary Boy
Orc Unit
1P, 3 HP
Orc only. Ambush 2.
Action: When this unit ambushes, it takes 1 damage. Then, units with no damage lose 2P until the end of the phase.

45: Iron Defenders
Dwarf Unit
1P, 2 HP
Dwarf only. Ambush 1.
Action: When this unit ambushes, it gains Toughness 2 until the end of the phase.

46: Dead-Eye Cannon Crew
Dwarf Unit
3P, 4HP
Battlefield only.
Action: When this unit attacks, sacrifice X developments to destroy target non-Attachment support card in the attacked zone. X is the support card’s cost.

Virgins with mighty lances.

Virgins with mighty lances.

47: Reiksguard Elite
Empire Unit
2P, 1HP
Battlefield only.
This unit gains +1 hit point for every experience attached to it.
Action: When this unit attacks or defends, attach 1 experience to it.

48: Devoted to Taal
Empire Tactic
Action: Take target experience attached to a unit or legend you control into your hand. Then, attach this card facedown to that unit or legend as an experience.

49: Chapterhouse Stables
Empire Support
Lower the cost of the first Knight unit you play each turn by 1.

50: Lilea
High Elf Unit
2P, 3HP
Action: When this unit attacks, put 1 resource token on it. Then, deal X indirect damage to target opponent. X is the number of resource tokens on this unit.


Look out! A badass ninja!

51: Nagarythe Warrior
High Elf Unit
2P, 3HP
High Elf only. Ambush 2.
Action: When this unit ambushes, deal 1 damage to each damaged unit.

52: Hidden Outpost
High Elf Support
Lower the Ambush cost of the first card you ambush each turn by 1.

53: Norse Clansman
Chaos Unit
1P, 3HP
Forced: When this unit is opposed in combat, discard the top card of your deck. If the discarded card is a unit, deal 1 uncancellable damage to target attacking or defending unit.

Respect the mustache!

Few of his fellow clansmen know it, but Bobby used to appear in Slaanesh movie productions to pay for berserker college.

54: Power of Chaos
Chaos Tactic
Action: Until the end of the turn, you may play any number of Limited cards. (Paying
all costs.)

55: Summoning Tower
Chaos Support
Action: When this zone is attacked, sacrifice a unit in this zone to put a Chaos unit of equal or lower cost into play from your hand into this zone.

56: Slave Hunter
Dark Elf Unit
1P, 2HP
Action: When this unit survives an attack on an opponent’s zone, sacrifice it to take control of target non-unique unit in that zone. Move that unit to your corresponding zone.

57: Captured Mind
Dark Elf Tactic
Action: Examine target opponent’s hand. Then, you may play a unit from that opponent’s hand (paying its printed cost but ignoring its loyalty) into any of your eligible zones under your control.

58: Hag Graef Mine
Dark Elf Support
Action: Corrupt a unit that you control but do not own to (choose one): draw X cards, or gain X resources. X is that unit’s loyalty.

59: Pegasus Knight
Neutral Unit
2P, 4HP
Order only. Battlefield only.
Action: When you declare attackers, you may declare this unit as an attacker against a different zone.

60: Bonegrinder Giant
Neutral Unit
3P, 4HP
Destruction only. Battlefield only.
While this unit is attacking alone, you may assign damage to your opponent’s capital before assigning damage to defending units.

15 thoughts on “Episode 1: Let’s ambush those raiders!

  1. chickenbreath

    I like your work and stay tuned, but plz when you discuss a card, first read it out loud so I can do other stuff while listening…

  2. Torsten Post author

    Thank you! We considered describing each card in detail (cost including loyalty, power, hit points, traits, full card text) but eventually decided against it because it would have added considerable time to the episode (that already turned out much longer than we thought). But if most people would prefer it that way, we of course can do it like that next time we discuss a battle pack. Let us know, folks!

  3. Ellyrik

    Yes you can read the cards entirely, it won’t take that much time 😉

    Thank you for this review in details! I like to have a feedback from veteran players. I also find many cards are overcosted or underpowered so that they won’t be played. It’s a shame! So much good ideas are wasted. I’ll never understand why a LCG is so unbalanced since there’s no rarity or commercial issue. I really think FFG lack of playstesters but they refuse any appointment.

    I also share HappyDD’s opinion about Muster for War : why doing such a powerful card for defensive decks in a cycle called “Eternal War” ! :,(

  4. Herzogar

    Great podcast guys, looking forward to the next one already! 🙂 I really like the Bonegrinder Giant as well, I think it has some interesting potential with the Mission-quests. And great points about Muster for War and combo-decks.


  5. Hotbutton

    First of all, thanks for your effort and keep up the good work. Very informative – and thankfully also funny – discussion of the cards!
    My constructive criticism would be:
    + 1 for chickenbreath’s suggestion to read out all stats of a card before discussing it. Don’t worry about the podcast being even longer, it doesn’t really matter with this format anyway (as opposed to videos, e.g.). What you could also include is pictures of the discussed card here on the website, which would be especially nice to have when you’re discussing the artwork of certain cards.
    Also: How about discussing your “decks of the week/month” or something similar? Could also be as an article on the website, if you think it doesn’t fit into the podcast format. If you do it, I’d focus on competitive ideas rather than thematic ones.
    Idea for the next poll: Should Warpstone excavation (and now maybe also muster for war, but haven’t tried that card, yet) be completely banned from the game? I’d really be interested if other players hate that card as much as I do. 😉

  6. Hotbutton

    One thing I forgot to mention: How about writing down the time in the podcast when you start discussing each card next to it here on the website? E.g.: Iron Defenders: 21:30 etc.
    Furthermore, you should also add other content you are discussing to some kind of outline, e.g.:
    Card A (0:45)
    Card B (3:27)

    Our opinion on Muster for War (45:23)
    Best/favourite/least favourite card of the pack (1:15:12)

    and whatever else you might come up with.

    I really like that kind of structure with podcasts, as it helps when looking for certain content when listening to it for a second time.

  7. mudkip

    yeah, you continue Da Great Wooooooooooork 😉 and im also want you to read all the card texts so i know whats going on. also got the idea that you can tell how you create a new deck. when i do this its just like “well there are some traits more often than other, so lets build a deck of them and throw all of the cards with the trait together (like knight deck, milldeck, selfdmg etc.) but i dont think this is how its done

  8. mudkip

    haha and of course Lilea is blind. Thats why she shoots three arrows. Its like the american way of shooting: Just shoot enough bullets and probably one will hit. 😉

  9. trollzor

    So what is “your parents don’t want you to listen to”? What even is that? Its not necassary to make it more interesting. Its okay if you wanna have a slogan, but this your parents dont wanna you listen to is too much. But on the other hand its okay, if you talk more about slaves and leather…. its just odd

  10. Gnomeschool

    Lilea used to enter play with 2 resource tokens.
    Then she took an arrow in the knee.
    I think it is obvious that she is blind. Who else would volley on that “Watchstone of Athel Tamarha”?
    Okay, enought of bad jokes. I really enjoyed listening to your podcast, hope they’re coming regulary.
    Personally I don’t need you to read the whole card’s text, but I don’t mind if you do. Don’t think, this podcast could be too long. ; )

  11. Torsten Post author

    I’ve added the card images for Reiksguard Elite, Nagayrthe Warrior, and Norse Clansman to the spoiler list. Wurrzag and Lilly can be seen in the FFG news article linked at the top. By the way, great catch, Gnomeschool! Of course it’s Lilly who fired that volley at the Watchstone. And she did it while standing on her head. On a galloping horse. In the rain.

    As for the rest, we’re new to this whole podcasting thing, so we hope you’ll be forgiving of any shortcomings. We truly appreciate all the feedback and your suggestions, and while we can’t promise we’ll follow up on all of them, we will keep trying to improve Winvasion.

    After all, how else are we going to sell this thing to Google for $800 million by the end of the year?

  12. magehammer

    Very excited to have a podcast dedicated to the game!

    Are you planning on putting it on iTunes?

    Also, for some reason, I am one of those people whose eyes are bothered by reading white text on black background. I, of course, would never expect you to change your site so that it was black print on white just for me, but if there are enough readers out there bothered by it, I suppose I can hope…

    I will keep reading the site as I am really happy about the podcast, but my eyes are watering typing this right now.

    Keep the podcast coming. The more Warhammer Invasion goodness in the world, the better.

  13. rzarectz

    Haha in my defense, Its not that I think they should bump the starting resource count up to 4. I think they should have initially built the game (and all of the cards) around a starting resource pool of 4. Now its obviously to late, I’ve moved on.. 😉

    Great podcast though guys!


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