Don’t trust any podcast over 30

Hi folks, just a little public service announcement:

1) We’re not dead.

(Pretty good so far, right?)

2) We’re sorry you have to wait for the next episode. Making schedules match when you’re in different time zones never has been super easy, and right now we’re both very busy with non-podcasty things that we unfortunately have to deal with. Stuff keeps happening. Good stuff, bad stuff, mostly just a lot of stuff. Stuff that messes up our schedules and has now repeatedly forced us to call off a recording. Sucks, but that’s what you get when you’re not in your twenties anymore and life gets all serious.

3) Episode 31 will come as soon as we can manage. Which might not be very soon, but we’ll try our best.

6 thoughts on “Don’t trust any podcast over 30

  1. Junglecat

    Thanks for the heads up. I’ve been checking in a few times a day looking for the next ‘cast and was starting to worry.

  2. bitva

    Clearly, some of the “stuff” that’s delaying the next episode is that Torsten has been recruited by FFG to work on WH:I LCG 2nd Edition cards and Daniel has been strapped with coming up with and editing flavor text. Look for the big announcement at GenCon next month!

    Wild speculation is a desirable skill. In some game, some where (I hope?)


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