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Episode 36: The Snowflake Festival Episode

We’re back! Just in time to help you bring 2014 to a good conclusion. We discuss Project Boombastic and look back at Signs in the Stars. Also, Torsten talks Forever War and Daniel brings you the latest news on the End Times storyline (which, fair warning, completely derails into a theological discussion based on decades old D&D campaigns) and what happens to the elves there.

Elves. Khaine’t live with them, khaine’t live without them.



Episode 35: The Ultra Rare Limited Foil Collector’s Edition Episode (no batteries included)

Good news everyone! We’re still alive, and we hope you are too. This episode, we address that whole issue of us being alive but not recording all the time. We also talk about FFG getting owned (go to BGG for some more talk about that), the new LCG rotation policy, and the Project Boombastic test run. In addition, we look at the current state of everyone’s favorite Invasion, alternative formats to keep things fresh (we said we’d put that stuff in the episode post, but we lied cause we know what’s good for you, and made a separate page), and deliver some more news (and spoilers!) from the tabletop’s End Times storyline.

And. That’s. Not. All. We also would like to point you to Duelyst, a project by the always amazing Eric M. Lang. Finally, Daniel, who has shocking tales about recent developments at his friendly local gaming store, would like you to check out the games he singlehandedly made happen: Kings of War and Strange Aeons.



Episode 34: … Dary!

We’re back! With some mob up items, some news, a heckuva lot of talk about the End Times storyline from the Warhammer tabletop (spoiler warning for the first package!), and the second part of our look back at Legends. Along the way we rules lawyer the Lizardmen capital a bit, and pass along a challenge from bitva. Enjoy!



Episode 33: Legen — wait for it …

Good news everyone! Before we go on a little break to travel the world, solving crimes with our sidekick, a talking squirrel named Orca, the Wonder Dog, we cobbled together another episode for you. In it, we take a glimpse at what was going down at GenCon and ask for your input on the fabled Project Boombastic. We also begin to look back at Legends, talk about legends, become legends, meet legends, marry legends, make baby legends, you know, all that. And more. In just one episode!



Episode 32: Oh, behave!

We’re back! Already! Yeah, that’s us. First we lull you into a false sense of abandonment, then we hit you with the old one-two. And what an episode we have for you this time. We cover everything from a Canadian whistleblower to Daniel’s descent into broniedom. The broniescene? Bronieverse? Let’s just call it the barn. We also try to humanize Eric M. Lang, introduce our new segment Answers to Everything, speculate about Invasion’s cause of death, and talk about the biggest jerks in the galaxy (Don’t know who they are? The answer find out you shall!) and how you should behave at a tournament.