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Germs: Invasion

There’s probably no good way to say this, so let’s not beat around the bush: Considering recent events, we have to come to the conclusion that it’s best to end development of this podcast. For 2013. There will be no new content. This year.

We know this comes as a surprise and a shock to most of you, but whenever one of us isn’t hoarse and coughing and spitting mucus, the other is spitting mucus and coughing and hoarse. And while some of you might be into us making dirty sounds like that, we feel we have a responsibility to the rest to maintain the exceedingly outrageously high standard of broadcasting you’ve gotten used to. For the second time in two weeks we find ourselves unable to record, and now we’ve just given up. We’re quitters, not fighters. So that’s it for this year.

We hope you had happy holidays and some vacation days you could spend with your loved ones, playing Invasion. Happy New Year! See you on the other side.

Still alive

Hi folks, Torsten here. I apologize in advance if this will be a rambling, confused, melodramatic mess of a post, I’ll just let the words pour out. A bit earlier tonight I just wanted to take a quick peek at things online before going to bed and I saw what you’ve seen by now too. FFG has canceled Invasion. No new releases after Hidden Kingdoms, no more organized play support.

This came as a shock to me. Just recently I had been talking to lead developer Brad Andres about the future of the game. I guess most people thought Invasion would be canceled eventually, outdone by better selling games. I don’t think anyone expected it to happen so soon. That Invasion would be the first Living Card Game to, well, die. Judging by the recent store championships announcement, it seems the decision must have been made very recently. I wouldn’t be surprised if it came as a shock to quite a few people at FFG too.

I have questions right now, I guess you do too. Questions we probably will never get real, official answers to. More than that though, I’m just sad. And a small part of me feels silly for being sad. It’s just a game, that part says. No one died. It’s just a game, and they’re just stopping to make new stuff for it. I already have a lot of stuff for it, and no one’s taking that away. It’s just a game. A damn good game, but just a game. What really, truly makes it great to play Invasion are the people and the experiences. And the people are still there, I can still hang out with them, still play Invasion or other games with them, I can still make experiences based on Invasion and the community, and I can make similar experiences thanks to other games, other shared interests.

But I’m still sad.

Sad that a great game never got the success and love it deserved. Sad that it was dismissed by some for superficial and wrong reasons. Sad that without new releases, it won’t be the same. Sad that the community will inevitably shrink in size.

But … you know, I think the small part is right. There are reasons to be sad, reasons to regret how things went, reasons to be angry maybe. So what? So there won’t be new cards. So we’ll lose some people. So we’ll probably lose most people. So fucking what? Two days ago I ran a tournament and it was fun, a great way to spend the day. Tomorrow – well, later today actually, it’s 2 in the morning here – I’m going to visit a good friend who had to take a break from gaming for months because of finals, and we’re going to play Invasion for five hours. That was the plan before the announcement came, and we’re still going to do it. This weekend, Daniel and I are going to record another episode of Winvasion. Next week, I’ll meet with friends to play multiplayer Invasion, and later that week, I’m going to run another tournament. I won’t cancel any of that. I’ll do it, and I’ll enjoy it. And I’ll keep playing Invasion with my friends as long as they’re up for it, I’ll introduce new people to the game as long as I’ll find anyone interested, I’ll keep organizing tournaments as long as people will show up for them. I’ll keep having fun with this game. Because it’s awesome. It’s too good to die. As far as I’m concerned, it might not be a Living Card Game anymore, but that doesn’t mean it’s dead. It’s not even the first Undead Card Game. Some games from the early CCG era have managed to survive. Games that were canceled over a decade ago. Heck, Netrunner came back, stronger and more successful than ever.

They won’t make any new cards. That sucks. But no one’s taking the cards we have away, and no one can stop us from enjoying the game.

I’m sorry if you’re sad or disappointed or angry because of the news. I am. But I’m going to sign off now and build some decks for tomorrow. I hope you will too.

The End Times are upon us

FFG has just announced they’re ending development of Warhammer: Invasion. See the full news article, here’s the part announcing the cancellation:

The release of the Hidden Kingdoms deluxe expansion marks the end of FFG’s development of new content for Warhammer: Invasion The Card Game. Its new legends and units lead the game to an exciting balance between ten playable races, and they will be the game’s final reinforcements.

Over the past four years of publication, Warhammer: Invasion has grown from the Core Set to include five deluxe expansions, thirty-six Battle Packs, and dynamic rules for multiplayer Cataclysm games. This wealth of content provides a great, robust experience for new and veteran players alike, and it allows the game to stand on its own as a complete collection that players can explore and enjoy.

Now, we conclude our development of the game with pride in what we have accomplished. This also means that Organized Play for Warhammer: Invasion will come to a close with the current Season Three 2013 Game Night Kits. Still, we know know fans will continue to enjoy the game, and the Core Set and its expansions will remain in print. Players will be able to lead their favorite armies into the Old World’s many battle at any time.

We believe that Hidden Kingdoms is a strong conclusion to the game. It now allows players to field new armies built from four of their favorite Warhammer races, and we feel its final reinforcements add a tremendous depth to the game that should make it a rich and rewarding experience for years to come.