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Episode 35: The Ultra Rare Limited Foil Collector’s Edition Episode (no batteries included)

Good news everyone! We’re still alive, and we hope you are too. This episode, we address that whole issue of us being alive but not recording all the time. We also talk about FFG getting owned (go to BGG for some more talk about that), the new LCG rotation policy, and the Project Boombastic test run. In addition, we look at the current state of everyone’s favorite Invasion, alternative formats to keep things fresh (we said we’d put that stuff in the episode post, but we lied cause we know what’s good for you, and made a separate page), and deliver some more news (and spoilers!) from the tabletop’s End Times storyline.

And. That’s. Not. All. We also would like to point you to Duelyst, a project by the always amazing Eric M. Lang. Finally, Daniel, who has shocking tales about recent developments at his friendly local gaming store, would like you to check out the games he singlehandedly made happen: Kings of War and Strange Aeons.



Episode 34: … Dary!

We’re back! With some mob up items, some news, a heckuva lot of talk about the End Times storyline from the Warhammer tabletop (spoiler warning for the first package!), and the second part of our look back at Legends. Along the way we rules lawyer the Lizardmen capital a bit, and pass along a challenge from bitva. Enjoy!



September news

The bad news is that one of our highly advanced Winvasion machines broke down again (or is rebelling against its rightful masters as the first step in the rise of the machines), so we can’t record. The good news is that due to scheduling problems (STUFF™ keeps happening) we couldn’t record anyway! That’s good because … we’re using up all the bad luck, you see. It’s bound to run out eventually.

As usual, we’ll try to be back as soon as we can, which should be in October.

In technical news, if you use the contact form to contact us and enter a Yahoo address, there might be problems. This is because, basically, Yahoo doesn’t want mails with a Yahoo address getting send from non-Yahoo servers. Read this if you really care. You might run into problems in other places too.

In personal news, bitva, we managed to dig up your message even though you are one those freaky Yahoo people. If anyone else sent us something with a Yahoo address through the contact form, we didn’t get it. And that’s your own fault, really. Advance into the nineties and start using Hotmail already!