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Episode 28: 40,000 what now?

We’re back! In an episode that is guaranteed to be completely free of April Fools’ jokes, we present the Golden Grimgors, continue to explore the pronunciation and etymology of WAAAGH!, discuss Malus Darkblade – who is definitely not Lokhir Fellheart and even more definitelier not a pirate – and tell you about the exciting new Banhammer game that will take the world by storm. But because we don’t only care about mass-market smash hits like Banhammer, we also discuss the upcoming release of something for a niche audience, Warhammer 40,000. Which sounds like an unreasonable amount of warhammers. Seriously, how many do you need? Was there a discount? Are we sure this isn’t about someone overcompensating for something? Anyway, it’s Warhammer. In space. Presumably a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. Where no man has gone before. Sounds silly, but we talk about it anyway, and Daniel lets his inner fanboy out to play and rant and tell you why ultramarine is the bestest color. Also, in a stunningly original move, we complain about people complaining on the internet.



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Poll 39: The big 40K LCG first thoughts poll

FFG has announced Conquest, a Living Card Game set in the Warhammer 40,000 universe. Some people are very excited about this, some not so much, some care a very great deal about the Space Bretonnians not being in the core set. We will devote some time to this topic in the next episode, and you can help us by letting us know what your thoughts are so far. Are you happy, are you for some reason upset? How interested are you in this game? Please select all answers that apply for you.

Episode 27: And the Golden Grimgor nominees are …

Good news everyone! Hollywood isn’t the only one who can do silly award ceremonies, we’re right there too! So in this episode, we improvise the nominations for the Winvasion Academy Awards.

We also talk about pigs, breast milk, and fascinating aspects of Warhammer fluff.

So, tune in for the WAAghs. Or the breast milk. Your choice.



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