About us

Winvasion is a podcast about the Living Card Game (LCG) Warhammer: Invasion. If you’re not familiar with Invasion … we have no idea what you’re doing here, or how you even came here. Did you click on a strange link again? You know you shouldn’t do that, you know what happened last time. With the trojan and the virus and the manatee porn download and you having to explain it to your family and Aunt Annabelle crying and everything.

But hey, if you are familiar with Invasion … this is a podcast about it. Bet you already guessed that by now, you seem smart. And handsome. Are you seeing someone? Sorry, we don’t have time for this, we’re meant to explain about the podcast. Basically, Daniel and Torsten chat about Invasion-related topics and make stupid jokes and … well, that’s the gist of it. And they record it and put it here so you can listen to it. Makes you wonder why they do that. Could be some form of verbal exhibitionism. Perverts. But you know, it’s a free country, so they can just do it. Fortunately, no one can force you to listen to it. Unless yours is not a free country. Some oppressive regimes have been known to force dissidents to listen to the Winvasion podcast. Most victims consider it a decent alternative to the labor camps.


About Daniel


Daniel goes by HappyDD in the Fantasy Flight and BoardGameGeek forums. He has been playing cards since he was very young, but was sad when his friends with bigger allowances and more loving parents would beat him mercilessly at Magic. Decades later, he discovered the LCG format, and finally, with parental love removed from the equation, he’s on an equal playing field. In Daniel’s humble opinion, Warhammer: Invasion is still the best LCG there is, he could go on and on. And he will, as you will find out to your utter dismay if you listen to the podcast. Daniel wishes he had the killer instinct exhibited by Torsten, but he still cannot bring himself to beat children at card games.

Daniel lives in Canada, which explains his vanilla accent.


TorstenAbout Torsten

Torsten, known as Mallumo on the FFG forums, lives in Germany, which might explain his accent. He really likes hedgehogs and thinks Invasion would be an even better game if it had Giant Hedgehog units. Not only has Torsten shown himself willing and able to crush small children to win tournaments, he even can put up a good fight against grown-ups. Sometimes. If they’re particularly small and harmless grown-ups. Torsten’s interests include role-playing games, football and darts. Last year he got into running and loves it, but he’s very careful not to let it affect his physique, because he believes chicks totally dig that his upper body is shaped like a sack of cabbages. Torsten is a guest writer for FFG’s Invasion news. He has a poetry website and a blog. They’re both in German, and they also look exactly like this site here except for the colors, because while he likes to pretend he’s a l33t haxx0r, he really can only do this one thing somewhat right.


Special Team Members

Official Winvasion Art Consultant: Gnomeschool. Without this brave young man, the Mad Miners announcement wouldn’t have looked half as good.


About the music

Do you like our intro music? It was created by the cool people over at freeSFX. Visit them and check out their great work at http://www.freesfx.co.uk.


About the art

Do you like the header images? They are all from Warhammer: Invasion (duh!) and (c) Fantasy Flight Games, who generously gave us permission to use them.